Online Movie Reviews-Proceed With Caution

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As parents we should be very selective of what we allow our children to be involved in. With so many entertainment choices available it can be a challenge picking something that’s not only entertaining but also age appropriate. Even though there are many movies at the box office and many of those being geared toward children, some of them contain material that would make an adult gasp. I’ve listed a few movie reviews as well as a wonderful resource that parents can utilize before taking their kids to the cinema, or making a trip to the video store.

Bedtime Stories- When hearing about this film I was quite concerned because Adam Sandler plays the lead. His movies are usually anything but appropriate for kids but this movie was very family friendly. Adam Sandler stars as Skeeter Bronson which is a handyman. When he tells bedtime stories to his niece and nephew, they add a little imagination to his story. Adding twists and turns to what he’s already said; so much that the stories actually come to life. For instance if they mention pigs flying then pigs will actually fly. This film is Rated PG and my boys really liked it. It’s a must see for children of all ages.

Twilight-This movie is geared towards older kids with a rating of PG-13. The basis of the film is a young male named Edward which is a vampire that falls in love with a human. He isn’t like other vampires as he doesn’t want to hurt others. He’s intelligent and witty. He meets Bella and they fall in love. He spends the film trying to protect her but also trying to keep him self from sampling Bella’s blood. It’s a good movie with some good lessons to be learned such as a strong family unit and what it means to sacrifice for others. Good movie for teens

Marley & Me-This movie is about a dog that was adopted by a man and his wife. They were trying to get an idea of how parenting would be some day. The dog is really a challenge by getting kicked out of obedience school and his behavior worsens when the couple starts having children. This is an extremely funny film but has some language that wouldn’t be appropriate for younger children.

Bolt-Bolt was given a rating of PG. It’s about a dog that is an actor. He believes that he has super powers because on the set he does. When he gets out of his normal surroundings and needs to find his way home he thinks that he actually does have powers but comes to realize that they aren’t his, but created. Good film for little ones and the whole family.

Many parents rely on word of mouth when it comes to movie recommendations. But what is appropriate in one parent’s eyes may not be appropriate in others. I’ve utilized an on-line movie review website that is an awesome resource. It is more beneficial than seeking out the advice of another parent. The Dove Foundation is that wonderful resource. Their website is user friendly, easy to navigate, and gives almost 100% accuracy when it comes to rating a film. Not only does it give an overview of the movie, it also lists details of its content. For example a rating is listed and whether or not it is “Dove Family Approved.” Adult language sneaks into children’s films and parents aren’t always aware of it until they are already in the theater with their children. But the Dove site lists what type of language, the specific words used and how many times they are used throughout the film. In addition to this it also gives details of what kind of sexual themes and/or nudity, drug and alcohol content, and violence. When searching for a certain film I was surprised to see that there was a section named “other”. This section listed material that made reference to the occult, homosexuality, types of religion, conversations of divorce, the after-life, characters howling at the moon, etc. I was very impressed with the overall site and the wealth of information that it provided.

With websites such as The Dove Foundation, we no longer have to worry about what will appear before our children’s eyes the next time they go to the movies or rent a DVD. We’ll have peace of mind and not be concerned about whether or not we’ll be shocked while watching a new release. As the old saying goes “knowledge is power” and I, as well as all parents should have knowledge and discernment when it comes to what our children watch. Utilizing the Dove website will give us peace of mind and assurance; which will ultimately create a better movie watching experience not only for our children but for the entire family unit.


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