Married To The Military

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Being a military wife has been a wonderful experience. Our family has been stationed in places that we would not have traveled otherwise. What many people don’t know is, not only do our husbands serve our country; so do we. No we aren’t on the front lines nor are we required to don a uniform, but we do play a vital role in our husband’s service; we just do it all behind the scenes.

In my experience a number of military families have the following structure. The husband is active duty and the wives are either work at home moms that have a home based business or they work a part-time job outside the home. Because a service member is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the wives have to be available to the children at all times. And they are responsible for the overall operation of the home. Although it can cause conflict in some families, for most it’s beneficial.

It’s commonplace that military families relocate every few years. With relocation; come readjustments. New schools, day cares, and employment opportunities must be researched and selected remotely. This usually happens even before the move is started or complete. Saying goodbye to friendships with other military families is the norm and being flexible is a must.

I’ve been blessed to have never had to say goodbye to my husband due to an overseas deployment, but many wives aren’t as fortunate. These women have to be strong as they say goodbye and because of his departure they are now the leaders of their household and they are both mother and father to their children. They pray with their little ones for their daddy’s safe return and wipe away the tears from their innocent faces. When they are overwhelmed with sadness it is only mom that can offer encouragement. When her husband is stateside a military wife wears many hats, but they grow in numbers when he is abroad. She no longer has her husband to offer emotional support and at times she can become isolated with no one to lift her up.

Although the military life has many challenges, the rewards outweigh them all. As military wives we have learned to be brave, strong and selfless. As we face each day’s challenges we do it with a smile; not allowing the world to see our weaknesses. I personally could not have chosen a better path for my life and am truly proud of my husband as well as all the military service men and women. Although they defend and serve our country, we serve as well by supporting and encourage our husbands. We are not only their wives but we are also married to the military.


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