Monday, December 11

How Not to Save Money With Fios

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                If you have decided to get the nation’s best 100% fiber optic service and are looking to save money, then congratulations!  You are doubly smart for not only trying to find a great deal, but for choosing Verizon FiOS’s high performance network.  If you are trying to find a great deal on Verizon FiOS, there are some things that you should do and some things that you should probably not do.  Instead of covering the things that you should do, this article will cover the things that you should avoid doing, such as:

  • Never try to bribe a Verizon FiOS installer.  I have known more than a few people who tried to do this, in much the same way that people used to bribe their cable installers.  The fact of the matter is that Verizon FiOS uses a point to point transmission protocol for video, and that means that even if the installers wanted to help you out (for a nominal under the table fee) they would be unable to do so; the channels are no longer being unicast all at the same time, but are actually being sent one, two, three, or four at a time.  Instead, just look for Verizon FiOS specials in the usual places!

  • Never pay full price.  People that pay full price for anything that they do not have to are simply not wise shoppers.  You could spend just a few moments and save a few dollars every month.  That might not seem too tempting if you are in a hurry, but saving money every month for as long as you own Verizon FiOS could amount to a lot of money saved.

  • Don’t get roped into buying things that you do not truly want in order to get a discount.  Sure, Best Buy or Walmart might have great deals on HDTVs and Verizon FiOS services bundled together, but if you do not really need a new HDTV, then it is not a bargain.  Remember to separate needs from wants if you want to be successful at saving money.

  • Only a sadist would get FIOS and skimp on the features that they want and/or need.  FiOS is so incredibly powerful and fast that it is almost impossible to put into words.  Do not lose out on these features and/or performance points simply to save a buck or two.  You will be sad if you did, and paying anything to not get what you want is not a bargain by any definition.  Instead, look for Verizon FiOS coupon codes.


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