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Tibetan Secrets For Health And Longetivity

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Today, all sorts of exercise products and systems to maintain health, combat stress, or improve strength compete for the attention of the average person who aims to lead a fit, youthful lifestyle. Some of these methods show promise but have yet to be proven effective; others are effective but come with unreasonable prices or demands on time and lifestyle changes. Still others are just plain dubious. All these time, there has been a long-established method that does more than what the average person expects from a fitness program.

Tibetans monks have developed an exercise regimen based on what they believe to be the seats of spiritual and physical well-being in the body. These centers of strength are called Chakras and they promote the healthy functioning of the Endocrine system, stimulating the glands, which in turn lead to enhanced overall health.

The exercise program is called The Five Tibetan Rites, or The Five Tibetan Rituals. There are seven main Chakras that the routine is believed to condition for optimum functioning, leading to numerous health and fitness benefits such as increased endurance, strength, resistance to disease, and mental acuity. Additionally, the regimen is believed to alleviate pain from arthritis and other conditions while improving vision and memory.

The biggest benefit, however, is that the five Tibetan Rituals, when followed systematically and incorporated in the lifestyle, slows down aging and promotes a youthful appearance. To put a spin on the familiar claim, this exercise regimen not only adds life to years but also adds years to life. Apparently, the monks in the area have been observed for a long time to possess enduring youth and greater than average vitality.

This exercise routine is distinguished by movements such as spinning, kneeling, or raising the body with arms or legs from a lying position. Tibetan wellness principles maintain that the various chakras in the body spin at a balanced rate, which affects the health of the individual. An unbalanced spin by one of the chakras relative to the others leads to afflictions in the organ related to that chakra.

Some movements in this exercise routine may be difficult for people who are not in shape. Thus, even though the five Tibetan rites are adoptable in any culture or lifestyle, it is advisable as with any other fitness routine to ask advice from a physician before engaging in the exercises. The movements conform to exercise principles of Yoga, so it could also be a good idea to seek the services of a professional yoga instructor when starting out with the program.

One other thing to take note of is that since these exercises rid the body of harmful substances, there may be some unpleasant effects to be felt especially when starting out with program. Various discomforts can include sweating more than usual, stomach distress, general aches, fever, and the like. These are generally the short-term effects of detoxification and they will disappear in time.


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