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Four Things To Consider When Buying A New Home For The First Time

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For most people, a house is the single most important purchase they will ever make. It also demands a great deal of responsibility and well-grounded decision-making. Acquiring a house can be a daunting prospect for the first-time buyer and sometimes even for the well initiated. There are several crucial things involved in such a big acquisition but being informed can be the buyer’s best assurance of being able to settle on the most satisfying as well as affordable home purchase.

Real Estate Agent

Property agents are specialists in the housing market. They have an understanding of the community where the prospective property is located. They know the value of other residences in the area. They can tell whether the purchase price of a house for sale is reasonable.

Additionally, they might be aware of any critical issues about the property and community. They may also have information about new listings that are yet to appear on the market. In other words, an agent can save a buyer time and help find the best deal. On a cautionary note however, sometimes, due to conflict of interest, it is possible that a particular real estate agent will not work entirely in the best interest of the buyer.

Residence requirements

Data shows that the majority of homebuyers spend much time doing research trying to determine where they would want to reside. This shows the importance of making the right decision about buying a house based on personal requirements.

The physical dimensions of the house are important to examine, so is the kind of neighborhood and the general environment where it is located. For example, is the new home going to be near places of work and schools, hospitals, recreation areas, and such?


Financing is a major aspect to take into consideration when buying a new home. For the majority of new buyers, taking out a mortgage will have to be the only option for acquiring a desired property. In order to gauge how much of a loan the buyer can realistically handle, there are tools available online called mortgage calculators, which can give estimates on how much a prospective buyer can afford.

Loan Pre-approval

It’s not always necessary to have a mortgage broker or a bank for backup before buying a home. However, it’s an excellent choice to get loan pre-approval from a reputable lender in advance. This will ensure that the actual amount that the buyer can afford will not be over estimated. In other words, it can help narrow down the property options. There are various mortgage choices available such as fixed or variable rate mortgages. A choice can also be made based on the period for payment such as a 15-year or a 30-year mortgage.

Home Inspector

It is very important get a home inspector to check the home that you are considering buying. An inspector can notice any problems with the structural integrity of the house, foundation, roof, plumbing, wiring, and others. This is necessary to decrease the risk of buying a property that will later turn out to contain damage.

Sellers are usually not required to make repairs if problems are exposed in the course of a property inspection. On the other hand, occasionally when a buyer gives a Request for Repair to the seller, rather than stop the transaction, the seller will instead agree to shoulder the repair.


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