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8 No-Nonsense Ways To Stay Young And Healthy

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Contrary to some biases, the desire to prolong youth and vitality may not always be a sign of being vain or unable to accept that aging is inevitable. In fact, the opposite is true. Wanting to maintain our fitness and youthful appeal for as long as we can reflects our passion for life. Being young implies taking part in numerous pleasurable activities, meeting people of all ages and social positions, being part of the work force, learning new things, and teaching and giving to society.

Years of research have come up with the most potent strategies to maintain health and youthful qualities. These steps are not meant merely to keep you young looking but also to help you age slower and free of maladies.

Lead an active lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle has been shown to contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Moreover, aside from rendering you vulnerable to diseases, being inactive speeds up the ageing process itself.

Reduce Stress

One of the biggest contributors to premature ageing is stress. Stress weakens the immune system and leads to high blood pressure, emotional imbalance, and hormonal changes that affect appearance and physical functioning.


Studies claim that people who engage in long-term regular exercise are biologically younger than their sedentary or inactive counterparts.

Don’t stop learning

If you could observe a group of old but still socially and physically active individuals, you will notice that they are mentally vibrant as well. Taking on new intellectual pursuits and learning new hobbies keep our brain cells well nourished as we age and may even help guard against the common diseases associated with aging.

Be sexually active

A recent finding shows that regular sexual intimacy in a loving and monogamous relationship contributes to healthy neurological functioning in couples. It simply means that the couples are happier and have a more positive outlook. Some researchers even go as far as claiming that this step could make a person look 10 years younger than another individual who is not as sexually active.

Do not smoke

The perils of smoking are wide-ranging and equally well known and documented. Add to the long list of negative effects the fact that smoking chops several years off a person’s life, not suddenly but in terms of agonizing years of numerous afflictions. Smoking is also a major contributor to premature skin wrinkling and darkening.

Stay away from the sun

Along with stress and smoking, prolonged exposure to the sun ranks at the top of factors leading to ageing and skin disease.

Choose Anti-aging products wisely

Finally, in our effort to stay young and maintain the quality of our skin, we may turn to the countless anti ageing products that are being sold everywhere. It is a good idea to inspect a particular product before purchasing it to ensure we don’t damage our skin with harmful chemicals instead of helping it retain its youthfulness.


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