Great Ways To Save Money at Christmas Time

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Having a great Christmas doesn’t have to be a financial burden nor does it have to deplete you bank account. There are many ways to enjoy and partake in Christmas traditions and save money while doing so. Although you may have to cut corners and at times have to choose an alternative, Christmas can still be wonderful even on a tight budget. Here is a list of some ways to keep the green in your pocket this holiday season.

1.       Christmas Cards: Sending out Christmas cards is generally a tradition among families. It can be a wonderful experience but can also be time consuming and expensive. Instead of purchasing cards you can make them at home. Many families that have children already have the supplies that are needed, such as construction paper, markers and crayons. A handmade Christmas card is more personal and sends holiday cheer just the same if not better than a store bought card. Because the cost of postage is on the rise, instead of using direct mail families can choose to send e- cards. There are several web sites that offer them for free plus you can schedule a date for delivery. This not only saves you time but money.

2.       Shopping For Sales: The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year but many are unable to shop on that day. Whether it’s because of health reasons or time constraints they aren’t able to make a trip to the mall. But throughout the holiday season many department stores still run promotions and sales so it isn’t too hard to find a deal. The key to saving money is to make a list prior to your shopping day and make a commitment to only buy the things that are on your list. It can be very tempting to buy the little extras but these items are what add to the final purchase price. It’s crucial to have self control.

3.       Family Meals: During the holiday season everything gets hectic. Many people are employed full time or go to school, they have meetings and appointments. So grabbing something convenient for dinner is usually a great idea. But for a family of 4, the average amount of money spent on fast food is at least $18.00. Sure, that doesn’t seem very expensive but when you want a convenient meal more than once a week it quickly adds up.

4.       Gift Giving: Because Christmas can be so commercial a great alternative to shopping for a gift would be to make your own. Not everyone is artistic but you can still create something that your family members can cherish in the years to come.  For the friends on your Christmas list you can save money by baking treats or bringing them a candy cane attached to a personally made card.

5.       Travel: In today’s world “Faster is better”. But that comes with a price. Traveling during the holiday season can break the bank. With airline tickets starting at a minimum of $400.00 per ticket, this would be a financial burden and impossible for most families. Although it takes longer, a road trip could save money and be a great way to spend quality time with your family.

Although we live in an expensive world adjustments can be made to save money. We can still travel, exchange gifts, and send Christmas cards all while enjoying the most wonderful time of the year with our family members and friends.


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