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Life is a Gift – And We Have Many Positive Choices

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Now, having stated that – what is our intention all about? If we intend to have limits, our intention will establish those limits. If we achieve our positive goals, and intend to create a life of unlimited prosperity,  and joy – also, for future posterity – then we may reach those goals, by the power of our attitude; focus, and positive actions.

Do we live complacently – satisfied with our basic needs and desires, in a mundane existence; not setting altruistic goals? Or – earning a living, by working at a job that does not inspire, or create the product of “all-that-we-can-give”? What do we aspire to produce? What is the extent of our capabilities?

Do we find that bonding with respectful, supportive, validating, and appreciative people – (the ones who accept us for who we are, and encourage us to change the things that we would like to change about ourselves, instead of belittling us for our character flaws, “incapabilities” – and, “impractical, overly idealistic” goals) – is a way that we can profoundly add, to the quality of our lives?

Are we mutually respectful, supportive, validating, and appreciative – and accept others for who they are, and encourage them to change the things that they would like to change about themselves, instead of belittling them for their character flaws, “incapabilities” – and, “impractical, overly idealistic” goals) – profoundly adding to the quality of their lives?

The profound catalytic difference, that positive statements and validations can bring; that positive attitudes of thoughts and actions produce – are quite amazing.

We all have the option; to attract what we don’t want, by being something we don’t want to be: negative; (unless we are “misery”, and we “love company”) – or, to choose to see the light, and follow the ways of the positive.

Do we know that positive people are attracted to positive people; and, the more positive the people are – who connect with you, the more you will be connected to that generating source of positivity, and – the more  likely you will attract positive people, who will in-turn – produce positive actions, that lead to positive results; and – also, that your connection and positive contribution to those positive people – can also be amplified, and produce unlimited positive results – for posterity?

Choosing positivity, amplifies positivity – which can produce results that can keep generating positive power, and that positive power – may be the key to opening doors, to creating the lives that we can make abundant in joy and happiness with prosperity, and posterity – echoing into future generations, by the choice of thoughts, intention, focus; positive attitude and actions.

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