Finding a New Church

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Finding a new church can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. You want to attend the right one, but don’t always know where to look. Utilizing the Internet is a great resource to find exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike print advertising that may only have a few churches listed, the Internet has a large selection to choose from. There you can review the church web sites to find out history, locations, and service times.

When selecting a church it’s important to consider whether or not their teachings line up with what you believe. Many people consider all churches to be the same; but they aren’t. For instance, it wouldn’t benefit a Christian to go to a church that doesn’t believe in the principles of the bible. This type of church may practice some of what the bible teaches, but they’ve abolished the rest. So it’s imperative to find a church where you can fellowship with a community that shares the same faith; without compromise.

After locating a church of interest, it’s important to visit more than once. Keep in mind that every service may not be the same and the styles may vary depending on the day. Often times, a church may have a guest speaker or a different type of worship. Some days they may be playing contemporary music, while others may be traditional hymns. So before you call a church your home you should give it a few tries.

For families that have children, it is beneficial to attend a church where the children can also learn. Children’s church and youth group lessons are age appropriate, and taught in a way that enables children to understand. So instead of attending the regular adult service that would be confusing, they have an alternative that fosters growth and enjoyment.

In addition to the normal worship service, most churches offer small groups that meet out side regular service hours. Depending on the church you attend they may have a variety to choose from. Some are geared towards married couples, single moms, active seniors, young adults, and groups are also available to those struggling with addictions.

Being part of a church doesn’t mean just attending service and then going home. There are many opportunities to get involved by serving in one of the church ministries. It’s a great way to make friends, fellowship, and serve others. Whether it’s volunteering at a church carnival, feeding the homeless, or greeting people as they walk through the door, no job is unimportant.

I believe that being in just the right church is like having an extended family. Every member is unique and special in their own way. God doesn’t want us to walk through this life alone, so we should fellowship with other believers. Although looking for a church can be overwhelming, the benefits we receive once we find it far outweigh the frustrations.


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