Friday, December 15

Sex And The City 2

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There is no denying, no matter your particular opinion, that Sex and the City was one of the most popular TV shows in its time and that the first Sex and the City movie was a huge success. It appealed to all the fans that had been craving some new Sex and it hit home with a story line and a fashion agenda that almost outdid the series. It would have seemed like a sound financial move to go ahead with a second movie when the first one did so well. The question is though – how much more Sex can there be?

Sex and the City 2 came out a few weeks ago in Australia and the hype around it was so big that you had you book your tickets days in advance to get a seat! So my girlfriends and I (as you do) booked ourselves into a Saturday night movie session and had every intention of doing the cliche “cosmos after the movie”. Unfortunately, I cannot say that anyone was particularly impressed with the movie and somehow, when we left the cinema- everyone just wanted to go home. 

Now I am a die hard fan of Carrie and the girls and I unconditionally love everything that they do. Truth is, however, that the new movie fell flat on its face in too many aspects for me to rave about it. The most important fall back is the plot. The first movie had all the great “pow” factors that made the series so great and had people going back to see it again. It had drama, Big, shocking events, tears, laughs, fabulous fashion and all the girls were involved. Number 2 on the other hand is more like the first half of an episode that was stretched out over two hours. It builds up to an exciting twist with Aidan and then doesn’t deliver. It leaves you saying “is that it?”. 

Miranda and Charlotte are apparently struggling with motherhood but their issues are not really dealt with. While the series would have had that as the secondary story in the episode, the movie sort of ignores it and you are left with nothing more than “oh is that all?”. 

The fashion is also a huge let down. There was none of the usual “wow” in the wardrobe department. The clothes seemed a little too “I am in the Middle East” and while they were “labels” I can’t say there was much “love” for them. Where the first movie was an overload of fabulous, the second one falls very short. 

On the positive side, Samantha provides the much needed comic relief with her characteristically hilarious sexual innuendos and “unacceptable in the Middle East” antics. The setting is amazing and there is a lot going on in terms of colours and exotic scenery. The  shopping is kept true to the holiday destination and the depiction of the country in general is accurately exaggerated to be a little more funny – which works very well. 

I am not going to say it is the best movie I have ever seen, I am not going to say it met my expectations for the second movie at all and I am not going to say it is worth paying to see. However, I am going to say that if you are looking for an easy to watch, fun, visually pleasing movie that leaves you with a smile and a desire to be somewhere warm and exotic – then you might not mind Sex and the City 2’s short comings.


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