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How To Write An Essay That Will Earn You An A From Your Professor

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The fate of a turned in essay is unpredictable. Much of it has to do with the fact that an essay combines proof and your opinions which might not be parallel to the point of views of the professor.  In short, agreeing and disagreeing often come into play when a professor grades one. But the interesting part is that you can use such practice to your advantage and earn yourself an A on the final essay. Simply follow the steps given here to know how.

Step1: Read the syllabus. This is such a boring task to do, but in this document, a professor reveals all that he wants you to follow to write an essay that he will love.

Step2: Next, study the professor’s personality. No, you do not require knowing whether he is an introvert or extrovert. Just find out if he is rational or emotional from his words or lecture. Usually, you can persuade an emotional person by using ethos in your writing. The opposite has to be done to make a rational person give into it. To be clear, a rational person likes logical statements filled with proofs. So you need to use that in your essay.

Step3: Write your essay in such a way that it agrees with his point of view. Now if you are wondering how to get to his point of views listen to his lecture which will usually consist of some form of his own opinions. For instance, in a history class professors often end up showing what political party they belong to. Use it to your advantage. If he is a conservative your liberal essay will not earn you much from him. Therefore, make it conservative.

Step 4: At the end of class, verify with him as to what other information he is looking for in an essay. This should also help you get some ideas on how to create a good structure for your essay.

Step5: After you finish writing the first draft of your essay persuade your professor to go through it to catch any mistake it has during his office hour. Many will say that you do not require a professor’s feedback and that instead of going to him you should show your essay at the tutoring center. But hold on! You are not writing your paper for tutors. Also their opinions will confuse you all the more. So to stay on track, take help only from the professor.

Step 6: For your final draft of the essay, correcting mistakes he caught. Also if he thinks something is missing in the essay add it.


  • By keeping in touch with the professor you are letting him think that you are working hard. This will not be overlooked when he grades your final essay.

  • Learn to study your professor’s personality. This will also help you stay alert on questions he might ask you on the exams.

  • Some professors prefer to see your own research and analysis. They read essays from non-judgmental perspective. In this case, you have to write in such a way that your essay looks peaceful and non judgmental. But provide plenty of proofs to show how clearly you have analyzed the topic.


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