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Tagaytay Itinerary Budget Trip

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Tagaytay is just 1 and half – 2 hour drive from Manila. Tagaytay is best for a weekend food and nature trip.

Day 1 If you left Manila at 6:00 am you will probably arrived at Olivarez Plaza at around 7:45 in the morning. From there you could rent a tricycle to bring you to your preferred hotel.

Pinoyislands suggest hotels like “Keni Po and Mi-jo Hotel” price ranges to P1,200-2500 a night

1st stop: Jollibee for breakfast – You would probably ask why? Simple reason it is just around the Rotonda/Crossing junction and it’s cheap. P80+ per meal

2nd stop: Palace in the Sky – An artful blending of natural and man-made attractions, poised on the highest point of Tagaytay City. It stands on a 4,516 sq, meters solid ground and overlooks four bodies of water – Taal Lake, Balayan Bay, Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay. It is located at Dapdap West and Dapdap East, approximately 6 to 7 km. away from Silang Crossing.

3rd stop: Tagaytay Picnic Grove – Tagaytay’s playground is the popular Picnic Grove. Thatch huts line the gentle slopes. It is a prime location, providing the finest view of the volcano far below. It is in Barangay Sungay East.

4th stop:Lunch at Mahogany Market – Mahogany market is known for its food stalls serving the famous beef bulalo or bone marrow soup, they also serve local dishes like kaldereta, adobo to name a few and don’t forget to try the fried tawilis. Also the place to buy their famous local beef at a reasonable price.

5th stop: Residence Inn Mini Zoo – is famous for its mini-zoo and is overlooking Taal Lake. Located 56 kilometers south of Manila, this idyllic ridge city in the southern part of Cavite is blessed with crisp and cool mountain air all year round. Considered as the country’s second summer capital after Baguio City, Tagaytay has an average temperature of 22.7 degrees Celsius. Located 2,250 feet above sea level.

6th stop: Bag of Beans – located at 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City. Famous for coffee and pies

7th stop: Dinner at Magallanes Square – this is where most of the restaurants are located. You could try RSM or Leslies for their bulalo.

Day 2 1st stop: Ina ng Laging saklolo/Pink Sisters/Calaruega – to hear mass

2nd stop: Starbucks: perfect place to drink coffee matching the view of Taal Lake

3rd stop: Lunch at Carlos pizza – thin crust pizza and buffalo wings overlooking Taal Lake. Perfect

4th stop: Olivarez Plaza – Pasalubong and Ukay- Ukay before going back to Manila  


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