Thursday, December 14

Give Someone a Second Chance

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  1. Do your homework well. It is important to avoid creating an issue over a tiny thing that would have easily been sorted.
  2. Do a little soul-searching. The best thing to do before considering a second chance; sit back, reflect and meditate on the reasons for misunderstandings.
  3. Do only what you are sure can work. Don’t go ahead and expect more than what is achievable as far as the issue is concerned.
  4. Do the groundwork. If you and either or both of your parents have fallen apart for some reasons known best between the two of you, then that is upon you, if not your parent to fix that. Both sides may have a problem putting their pride aside, but someone has to step in at the end of the day.
  5. Make the issue known. Parents sometimes may think that we, being their children, deserve no apologies from them, but it’s upon us to let them know that they were wrong but that you still wish to give them a chance to make things right and vice versa.
  6. Give the relationship another chance. If you were in a relationship with someone that you treasured or loved and then things fell apart, rethink your options and allow your partner a second chance to make things right. As it is said, it’s better the devil you know, than the angel you don’t.
  7. Let time and space heal wounds. If things with your partner seem to be hitting the wall other than growing positively, try and give each other some “space apart”, then give each other a second chance later on.
  8. Take responsibility. If the person you have issues with seems to think that you are the one on the wrong and you know it’s true, the best you can do is “own up” to the blame.
  9. Have a cooling off period. If the issues you have with either party seems to want to head for a fight, you should take the initiative of backing up and give them time to cool off first before picking up the discussion again.


  1. You need to be a good listener and give the other party time to tell their side of the story, otherwise if both parties engage in an argument, nothing will come out of it.

  2. Never ever follow what other people have to say, they may affect your judgement either positively or negatively; you could listen to them but you don’t necessarily have to do what they tell you to.

  3. Follow your instincts. If you feel that a certain move will work, don’t hesitate to do that, you never know it might just work to your advantage.

  4. As far as personal relationships are concerned, only you and your partner know what the issue is, you should then be able to settle things just between the two of you. Don’t quickly involve a third party, do that only when it’s necessary and make sure that you choose the right person.

  5. Don’t be fast to judge from the past mistake, everyone slips and some of us are just unlucky to fall, either way everyone deserves to be given a second chance at the end of the day.

  6. Don’t side yourself when trying to solve issues, for example; “I didn’t… was you who….” this could lead to involving things that happened a decade ago.


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