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How to be Productive Without Working a Job

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There are millions of people who sit around all day and either:

  1. Do nothing

  2. Eat and get fat

  3. Play World of Warcraft

  4. Be lazy in general

  5. Go on vacations all the time

There is nothing wrong with the above; however, if you aren’t making any money doing these things then you are actually useless. People do make money in their sleep or even when they are out partying. Their businesses work for them so they can afford to be a lazy bum. One thing to remember though is that they might be lazy now, but think of all the effort they probably had to put in before; in order to live this lazy lifestyle now. You don’t need to be productive your whole life…

So how does a person make them self useful?

  1. Read a book

  2. Learn new things

  3. Set and commit to goals

  4. Use the things learned to get ahead

Being productive is producing something. If you produce, you are entitled to receive something in return; whether it be money, respect, a product, or whatever.

Lets say you are at home Friday night playing Playstation3, you can think of it in two different ways.

  1. You are saving money by not going out with your friends.

  2. You are wasting your time being useless.

In either scenario are you being productive? No. I’ve picked this as an example because its foolish to think that you’re actually saving money being useless. Don’t force your brain to believe that being a bum playing video games at home is a good idea because we both know that either way, you are going to spend that money you saved from not going out, on something else so what’s the difference?

Why is being productive beneficial to you?

Think about your life and what’s involved in your daily adventures. Is it more of a reoccurrence instead of an adventure? Is everyday pretty much the same? Non-productive people have lives that repeat itself, there is never anything interesting or outstanding that occurs. They will never move onto better things because they don’t prepare themselves for life’s random opportunities. If you expand your knowledge, interests and goals you are making yourself available to many more potential opportunities.

Remember: Opportunities come when you least expect it. Prepare yourself for them.

A slave for a useless job.Is working a slave (low paying) job being productive?

If the only job you can get is working at McDonalds, should you take it? I wouldn’t. But what if you need to pay bills? I still say you shouldn’t and here is why.

  1. You are working at a job with ZERO opportunities.

  2. You are working for the lowest possible pay.

  3. You don’t gain any valuable experiences what so ever, I don’t care what the brochure says.

  4. You work long hours and have no free time. By the time you get home, all you want to do is sleep.

If you are working a crappy job to pay your bills, it means the second you stop, you won’t be able to pay them anymore. So the very second you decide to try and move onto better things (trust me you’ll have to, better things aren’t going to come to you working at McDonalds) you’ll be screwed. So what’s the difference if you get screwed now or later? You may as well take the hit sooner than later, maybe the sooner you realize your life is actually a waste, the sooner you can figure out how to recover from it. Wouldn’t it suck to learn this lesson after working a shitty job for 5 years then finally realizing you aren’t going anywhere… you’ve just wasted 7% of your life.

Lets do the figures:

Monthly pay after taxes is approximately $1900.00 working at McDonalds.

Over the span of 10 years saving $200 each month, you’ll have saved $24, 000. Not even enough for a 10% down payment on a half decent house!

Now why would I encourage unemployment? I’m not. My point is to make yourself useful and don’t work a crappy job because it will get you nowhere. If you work like a slave to pay for your bills, that’s all you are working for, and the odds are, you will have to do it until something changes drastically in your life (working at McDonalds is preventing change since you are focusing on one thing: working>bill payments).

Its not even possible to focus on anything more since:

  1. Your job doesn’t pay enough.

  2. Your job consumes all your time.

Some random wealthy guy isn’t going to walk up to you at McDonalds and be like “hey, you should come work for me at my chemical plant, we pay $90, 000 salary to start”. Your slave job will have a terrible pay plan (as I’ve calculated above) so you won’t even be able to save anything; tell me how this is helping you? That’s right, it isn’t. The job is just going to hold you back in the long run, you’ll just get caught up with paying your bills and nothing more.

People who live day to day have no set goals and have a one dimensional perspective of life. They don’t prepare themselves for opportunities, they stay settled for the rest of their lives. Obviously there is nothing wrong with that but if they ever want to live an actual life worth living, it could never happen. Me and my mom have lived day to day since I was born; up to this very day! Nothing has ever changed and nothing will change unless she becomes productive and when I say “productive” I don’t mean going to work across the street at the Wal-Mart everyday because that is hardly being productive, its called working a worthless job. She isn’t learning anything new by going nor is it benefiting her life in anyway; sure it may get the everyday bills paid but when it comes down to it, is paying bills making her life better? Absolutely not. Is life all about paying bills? Barely getting by isn’t a good thing; if anything, any sort of change would be a positive thing. A homeless man on the streets is learning more about the real world by living on the streets… its probably also giving him a better incentive to actually do something with his life. That right there is already a better start.

Am I saying being homeless is a good thing? No I’m not. I’m saying being homeless might be that little kick or incentive a person needs in order to realize that they’ve hit rock bottom and to turn their life around.

Why a homeless man won’t work a slave job.

I always hear people telling bum’s to “go get a job”. This is the most 1 dimensional approach to looking at a homeless person yet it is so typical for anyone to say it. They believe that bum’s are useless and that they should go get a job. So is working this (crappy) job making them useful? If you’ve read everything I wrote above, you’d know my answer to this is no because the “bum” isn’t learning anything, he isn’t setting any goals and most of all he isn’t being productive (producing something of use). Is flippin’ burgers producing something useful? Umm no and is definitely not creating more jobs. Have you ever walked into a McDonalds and thought of the employee being useful to society? In the back of your head you’re probably thinking how worthless these people are because they are working at this so called “crappy” job… But if a bum was working at McDonalds you’d congratulate him? That is just degrading if you ask me. Why would you treat the bum with more respect, he is working the same job… now he’s just a worthless person instead of a homeless one.

When they are homeless they have the following worries.

  1. Keeping warm (shelter)

  2. Food

When they are working they have the following worries.

  1. Getting up to work everyday

  2. Paying for rent

  3. Paying taxes

  4. Paying bills

  5. Paying for food

They have more worries when they are living day to day working at a crappy job as opposed to being homeless! Not to mention, there are many homeless shelters everywhere that are freely available. The shelters provide a roof for their heads and warm food on the table. Where are their worries now…?


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