Monday, December 18

Great Benefits of Walking

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Throughout the past few months numerous states encountered horrific weather conditions that confined residents to their homes. Because of that many were unable to exercise and gained a substantial amount of weight.

Now that the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and temperatures are climbing people are undeniably anxious to get outside, enjoy the weather, and get back in shape.

There are numerous types of exercise such as strength and resistance training, aerobics, running, and swimming. Countless people choose walking as a means to get fit while others have the notion that it isn’t exercise. That concept is far from the truth because walkers receive the same benefits as those that perform a high impact cardio workout.

Here is a summary of the benefits of walking.

Walking helps reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer, osteoporosis, and targets fat while building muscle. Some studies have shown that diabetics who walked on a regular basis reduced their need for medication and their condition was more manageable.

When a person walks, their heart and lungs are being exercised as well. Walking can improve the body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently and studies show that the risk of heart attack is decreased by 35% if a person walks at least three hours per week. In addition walking promotes better digestion and lowers blood pressure.

In today’s world stress is inevitable and if a person lives with a large volume of it, it can turn into depression. Walking can relieve stress, lighten the mood, improve sleep, and causes one to have a better outlook on life.

A fantastic thing about walking is the cost; or I should say lack thereof. Gym memberships are typically quite expensive and people don’t always utilize the facility, so in the end money is thrown away. Walking is not only easy on the wallet but it can be done anywhere and at any time.

One goal when exercising is to lose weight but some feel that walking doesn’t burn as many calories as other forms of exercise. Depending on the speed and length of time, walking can burn just as many calories as jogging does and it is easier on the body’s muscles and joints.

Not everyone can run 5 miles a day or spend an hour on an elliptical machine but they still can improve the overall health of their body and gain peace of mind through walking.


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