Tuesday, December 12

The Ultimate Fighter 11 Semifinals

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The New Ultimate Fighter 11 Franklin Vs. Liddell Episode 11 Recap

Team Ortiz becomes Team Franklin on the Ultimate fighter 11. Dana White shows Rich Franklin the workout area on the show. Rich Franklin signs an agreement to fight Chuck Liddell in UFC 115. Dana White introduces the assistant coaches to the team. Forrest Griffin, Grey Maynard, and Tyson Griffin are the new assistant coaches. This changes everything. Team Franklin gets a great new coach and awesome new assistant coaches. This is good for their team. The coaches want to help Chris get ready for his fight.

Chuck Liddell is angry that Tito quit. He loses a fight with a fighter he hates and has to fight one of the nicest fighters in the UFC. We all already know what happened in UFC 115. Rich Franklin knocked out Chuck Liddell at the end of round one. Chuck Liddell’s career is over in the UFC. Dana White will not let him fight again. Two teammates from Chuck Liddell’s team have to fight each other. This will be hard for Chuck Liddell.

One group decides to blow horns and shoot silly string early in the morning. Most people thought it was funny. One of the fighters decides to destroy some stuff because he was angry. This was another useless prank by fighters in the house.

Weigh In– Brad Tavares vs. Court McGee will be a tough fight. Dana White picks Cort McGee to win the fight. He is not sure about his choice.

Fight Day– Brad Tavares and Court McGee step into the ring. Both of them are confident they will win. I have no idea who will win this fight. Dana White says this fight is three fight minute rounds. Round One-The fighters come out dancing and throwing light jabs. They are feeling each other out. The two fighters throw wild punches and grab hold of each other. Court McGee throws Brad Tavares down on to the canvas. Court McGee connects with a left elbow. Brad Tavares jumps back up on to his feet. Both fighters throw more wild punches. Neither fighter connects. Brad seems quicker. Court seems stronger. The punches landed are grazing punches. Court McGee picks Brad Tavares up and slams him on to the canvas. Brad Tavares jumps right back up. Court McGee may have won the first round because of the two takedowns.

Round Two-The fighters meet in the center of the ring. Brad Tavares starts the round out with a stiff jab. Court McGee lands a kick to the body and another kick to the leg. Court McGee lands a good right and Brad Tavares stumbles for a second. That was the first good punch of the fight. Brad Tavares is missing most of his punches. He is throwing more, but missing most of them. Brad Tavares finally lands a good left hook and a couple of other lighter punches. Court McGee is landing a good amount of leg kicks. Brad Tavares might have won round two. He threw more punches and landed a few more. The third round should tell who wins this fight.

Round Three-The fighters meet in the center of the ring. Brad Tavares leads with a kick to the groin. Ouch! Brad lands a punch to the face. Court lands a few leg kicks. Brad Tavares lands another punch to the head. Court McGee lands a punch to the head. Brad Tavares lands a body kicks. Court McGee ties Braid Tavares up and lands a few quick punches. Court McGee lands another good right hand to the face. Brad Tavares lands a knee, but it was a grazing blow. The two men tie each other up. This time Court McGee lands a knee to the groin. I guess they are even. Court McGee lands another groin kick. Ouch! Court McGee lands an enormous left hook to the head of Brad Tavares. He Throws Brad to the ground and puts him out with a choke hold. Court McGee wins a very exciting fight. Wow!

Hour Two-The United States Marines come in for a training exercise. Four marines do push-ups together with their legs upon their backs. The marines are doing their own circuit training. They show the fighters how to take a weapon away from somebody. It was interesting watching the toughness of the marines. The marines work out with the fighters. The fighters are amazed at how tough the marines are. They hung out together at the house. The fighters and marines ate a meal together and got to know each other better. One of the marines had a bronze star he earned in Iraq. One of the marines was in the marines for twenty-three years. He was only forty-one years old.

Franklin trains Chris McCray for his fight. Franklin is showing Chris McCray what he does wrong and what he can do better. I really like the way Rich Franklin and his coaches help their fighters. Franklin really wants the best for his fighters. He is a great coach.

There is a fight at the house Yager and Hammortree are the participants. Yager starts a fight with another fighter. Yager starts fights, but he does not finish them. He is causing trouble in the house. Yager is the bad seed on the Ultimate Fighter 11. Every year there is a bad seed. This year it is Yeager.

Chuck Liddell gets Josh Bryant ready for his fight with Chris McCray. They fought before and Josh won the fight. I am curious if Franklin’s training helps McCray in their rematch.

Weigh In Number Two-Josh Bryant vs. Chris McCray. The fight day is here. The two fighters are ready for the fight. This is the fifth fight in five weeks for Chris McCray.

Round One-The fighters meet in the center of the ring. They hug each other. Chris McCray lands a good left hand. McCray gets Bryant’s back and slams him to the floor. He knees Bryant a couple of times. Bryant gets up and McCray throws him back on to the mat. Chris McCray gets Josh Bryant’s back again. The two fighters meet in the middle of the ring again. McCray lands a good jab and a good kick to the body. Josh Bryant finally lands a left to the head. Josh Bryant lands a leg kick. Chris McCray lands more knees to the body. He lands some good jabs and an uppercut. He lands another good uppercut. The first round is a big surprise so far. Chris McCray lands more knees to the body. Josh Bryant lands a good left near the end of round one. McCray lands a good right at the end of the round. McCray should have won round one.

Round Two-The two fighters meet in the middle of the round. McCray looks tired. The two fighters lock each other up in body locks. McCray lands a punch to the belly of Bryant. McCray lands a bunch of punches to the face of Bryant. I believe Josh Bryant is surprised. Josh Bryant moves McCray against the ropes. McCray uses the time to rest. The ref pulls the two fighters apart and makes them fight. Josh Bryant lands a good right. McCray hits him back with about six quick punches. Bryant tries to slam McCray to the mat, but McCray jumps back up. Chris McCray peppers Josh Bryant’s face with punches. Bryant has a swollen and bloody lip. There is a lot of action in this fight. Josh Bryant punches McCray in the body a couple of times. McCray returns a good knee to the body of Josh Bryant. Josh Bryant lands a few quick punches at the end of round two. McCray should have won round two.

Round Three-Two tired fighters meet in the center of the ring. They tap hands and start fighting. McCray throws some quick jabs to the face of Josh Bryant. Josh Bryant lands an uppercut. McCray tries to overpower Bryant, but the two fighters break apart. Chris McCray gets Josh Bryant in a body lock. He controls Bryant against the ropes. The fighters break up again. Josh Bryant lands some good punches to the head of Chris McCray. McCray throws Bryant to the ground. McCray throws punches at Bryant. Bryant throws punches back. Josh Bryant looks better in the third round. It could be because Chris McCray is tired. He seems to tire quickly. Josh Bryant spits blood across the round and eats another punch. Both fighters are very tired. Josh Bryant lands a great punch on the chin of McCray. Dana White remarks how McCray has a good chin. He shakes off the punch and gets the back of Bryant. Both fighters land good punches near the end of the fight. Round three probably belongs to Josh Bryant. What a fight that was. Both fighters end the fight bruised and bleeding. Chris McCray makes it to the finally.

The rest of the Ultimate Fighter 11 should be exciting. The fighters are finally hungry and fighting to their potential. I believe Rich Franklin is a much better coach than Tito Ortiz was. Chris McCray vs. Court McGee will be fighting for the Ultimate Fighting 11 championship. This should be a great fight. Two losers become winners and have the chance of making it to the UFC.


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