Monday, December 18

Introducing Your New Kitten to Your Resident Cat

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Before you bring home this new kitten be sure to do some research first so that you know a little about what might happen when you bring home this kitten.  Normally there will be some hissing and swatting at the kitten from your cat but eventually this will begin to die down and they may become best buddies.  Please note that this might not always be the case, your existing cat and new kitten may just tolerate each other but not play or sleep together.

The best way to bring this new kitten into your home is to let a friend or neighbor bring the kitten in your house in a kitty carrier.  It will be alright if you are the one to bring it in, just act like nothing is going on and there is nothing new.  Place the kitty carrier down in the floor for a short time and your cat will begin to realize that there is something going on.  They may hiss at the carrier, but that’s normal.  After a short while, place the kitten in a room where it will spend the next couple of days in this room.  Make sure to have the kitten’s own bed, kitty litter box, food and toys in this room.  

Now that the new kitten is in its own room, it’s time to act like there is nothing going on and continue to act normal around your other cat.  Your cat will probably try to start sniffing out this new scent.  After a couple of days, its time to let your cat’s begin to get familiar with each other.  You can rub a towel on your new kitten and the other cat and let them sniff it.  This will allow them the chance to begin to get familiar with each others scents so that they can be comfortable around each other when in the same room.  Now that your kitten has been in solitude from the other cat for 3-4 days, it’s time to begin the meeting face to face time.  Let your kitten out for short amount of time with supervision, you do not want to leave the two cats alone until you know they can tolerate each other without the new kitten feeling inferior and where it can not get hurt.  Again your existing cat will probably begin to hiss or try to swat the new kitten. Just keep a watch and if thing begin to get out of hand, separate the two. 

Eventually these short time of interaction together will become longer and longer until the two cat play together without the hissing or swatting or at least can tolerate being around each other.  This process of getting alone can take a couple of days to a couple of months depending on the resident cat.  Cats are very territorial and have to get used to sharing their space with a new kitten.  Just give it time and devote your love and time to each cat.  Make sure they both know you love them equally. 


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