Communication Categories

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We all have opinions, whether good, bad, or indifferent we are free to say whatever we want. That’s what makes our country so great. If I have something on my mind I can put it into words and if someone asks for my opinion, I’m free to speak honestly.

Adults communicate differently than children, and men different than women. Although we’re all unique we do have the same communication styles though they do vary with each person. Here are some light hearted categories that I’ve found we posses.

1. The Terminator- The Terminator are no holds barred, cut to the chase, and tell it like it is kind of communicators. They generally lack mercy when they speak and aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings “if need be.” They’ll say what’s on their mind and don’t give a second thought to whether or not they’re helpful or offensive.

2. The Novelist- The Novelist loves to communicate. When asked a question that requires only a one word answer, The Novelist will turn a simple yes, no, or maybe into a lengthy conversation. What would normally take two minutes to describe, will take 20 minutes when speaking with this type of communicator.

3. The Lone Ranger Dominator- This kind of communicator has a lot to say and they aren’t shy when meeting new people. They generally only talk about them self and if the other party does get a few words in, The Lone Ranger Dominator takes what was said and turns it around so the focus is back on them.

4. The Critic- The Critic is a tricky type of communicator. They are loyal, caring, and interested in the welfare of others, yet quick to point out the negative. For example; when casually speaking to a Critic about a child’s rambunctious behavior, The Critic will criticize the parent for what the child is doing whether it be good or bad.

5. The Judge-Women by nature have a lot to talk about and because everyone has relationship issues it will be up for discussion. An example would be if “Laura” and “David” were in a conflict, The Judge would sentence a guilty verdict to David just because The Judge is a friend to “Laura.”

6. The Repair Man/Woman- This person is very easy to talk to and aren’t quick to judge or find fault. Like a counselor they listen attentively and are compassionate. However, they always have the solution to any problem that may come up. They’re sure that they can fix every situation with their advice.

These categories can be amusing and we can all identify with at least one. But when communicating with others we should be mindful of how we speak. There should always be a balance and a mixture of honesty, compassion, guidance, and respect, so our conversations can be pleasant and productive.


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