Bringing Families Together-Spending Quality Time

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In the fast paced world we live in, it can be difficult to spend time with the people that mean the most to us. Families that consist of working parents, with children, have a large list of responsibilities such as work, school, and appointments. However there are still ways to spend quality family time:

1. Unfortunately some families don’t always have dinner together. But this is a wonderful chance for each member to share what is going on in their lives. Funny stories about the day’s events are sure to bring a smile to a face and laughter to the heart. Although a meal doesn’t sound like a unique idea, you’d be surprised at how much joy it can bring, and what a world of difference it can make.

2. Since life is so hectic and adults have to be serious most of the time; having a game night can be beneficial. There are many board games that are inexpensive and younger children love to play with their parents. This is also an alternative to the electronic games that kids are so fascinated with. It not only promotes quality time, it’s enjoyable for all.

3. If you are a religious family, a bible study is a perfect opportunity to teach and learn from one another. In our home we switch things up a bit. Every week a different person teaches a lesson so that all members are involved. Since everyone is unique and have their own teaching style, it makes a bible study a lot of fun.

4. Generally people enjoy going to the movies, but scheduling a movie night at home is also a way to bring everyone closer together. Mom and dad can cuddle up on the couch while the kids stretch out on the floor with pillows and sleeping bags. Not only is everyone comfortable, the cost is lower than going to a theater.

5. As time goes on we may not always remember certain events in our lives. But capturing those moments through scrap-booking is a means to hold onto cherished memories. Although some people aren’t creative they’re still able to express themselves and enjoy each others company.

 There are hundreds of ways to foster close relationships with the ones you love. It doesn’t have to be expensive or occur every day, but implementing little things will make your family closer and each person will feel special.


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