How it can get from friendship to real love.

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Yesterday Friendship, Today Love
You can’t be totaly happy because of all kind of thoughts.What will all your friends say? He used to be your friend and now he is your lover.How will your relation change? Will you still be able to tell him your secrets? What you gonna do about his love history which he told you in detail? It looks like a little joke of the fate that from all the men in the world you picked him.
Let’s take the good side of the things. Although you know him very well you have no chance to get bored. Love changes the behaviour, brings new colours which you haven’t even imagine. And he can be totally different in intimacy. At beginning you will be surprised to see how his friendly voice becomes sensual. So ”How are you kiddo?” becomes ”Hello my love!”. No more worries about what his girlfriend is going to say when you call him to help you with something.
You are losing a friend or gaining a boyfriend?
Psychologists say that the best relations are the ones where love is doubled by friendship and respect. Of course you cant share with each other like before every little secret. The mistery has to be maintained now.


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