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How to Grow an Avocado From a Pit

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Yes you can grow an avocado from a pit, but you must make sure that you use a ripe avocado. Eat the fruit and then clean off any fruit that remains on the pit. Let it soak in warm water for at least two days. Keeping the water warm for this length of time may be a challenge, but you will be able to manage it by keeping it in a container that you can lay on the top of a heater or under a lamp. Don’t put the pit in the oven to keep it warm because this will cause the water to evaporate more quickly. The warmer the water is, the better the pit will grow.

When you want to sow the avocado pit, examine it to find which part of it is the top and which part is the bottom. The bottom is generally more wrinkled than the top in the case of a pit that is round, rather than oval in shape. You can plant the pit in a regular pot or in the case of using this as a classroom learning experience you can use a clear glass jar or even a glass. If you use a regular pot, plant the pit so that half of it is still above the soil.

If you want to see the roots of the avocado developing as it grows, use toothpicks to suspend the pit above the water in the glass jar. The bottom of the pit should just barely touch the water. The key is that you do need to keep the water warm at all times in order for the pit to grow in this method.

Whether you plant the avocado pit in soil or use water, it needs a temperature of about 70 degrees F at all times. At this temperature, roots will start to develop in less than two weeks. Although the pit will still grow in lower temperatures, it will take a longer period of time – perhaps as much as 6 weeks.

The tip of the pit must be kept moist. Check the water in the glass every day to make sure that the pit is touching the water. The water must also be clear at all times. As soon as you notice that the water is cloudy or you get a smell from it, you can throw it and the pit out because no growth will occur. The soil must also be kept moist so watering every day is a possibility if you do use soil for the planting.

When the main shoot of the avocado is about 6 inches in length, pinch it to ensure a bushy plant and the development of more leaves. Once there are several roots, repot the avocado in a larger pot. This is true even if you do start it in water. A pit can only stay in water for about three weeks.  Prune the shoots so that they don’t become too long, since this plant can grow into a tree.


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