An Efficient Way to Send Out Christmas Cards

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With the holidays quickly approaching many of us like to send out Christmas cards. Because of the number of family members some have, the project can be very time consuming. However it doesn’t have to be if you have a well thought out plan.

Since time is of the essence, purchasing postage should be a top priority. Many post offices have seasonal postage stamps that you can choose from, which would look nicer on a Christmas card instead of just an ordinary stamp. It’s also a good idea to make a note of their hours of operation for future reference.

Choosing the right Christmas card is essential. Since many people don’t share the same faith, it’s sometimes better to get a universal package of holiday cards. For instance we have both Jewish and Christian family members and friends. Some celebrate Christmas and some do not. So it’s important to have a variety to choose from when sending cards to each of your loved ones.

Making a Christmas card list is easier than trying to go by memory. So it’s imperative to have the correct spelling of the person’s names, current addresses, telephone numbers and the total number of family members that are assigned to each recipient. This makes it hassle free when it comes to addressing the cards and makes it less time consuming.

Creating a closing paragraph for the inside of a Christmas card is so important. It makes the recipient feel cared for and special. Thinking of a short message ahead of time, can take the guess work out of trying to put a unique holiday greeting on the card. The passage doesn’t necessarily have to be different for each one; it can just be general. This proves to be beneficial to someone that has a difficult time expressing themselves through words.

Filling out Christmas cards is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with family. Each member can be involved in the project and can choose or be assigned to a specific area. For instance, I filled out the Christmas cards while my son put the postage on the envelope. This saves time and is easier than doing it alone. Plus a great conversation is usually started.

Because the holidays are so busy and packages are being delivered all over the world, it’s crucial to allow plenty of time to mail out your Christmas cards. Sending them out at the beginning of December is a good way to start the holiday season and receiving a Christmas card early is a great way to stir up the holiday spirit.

With a well planned and organized system, sending Christmas cards no longer has to be an overwhelming task, but can be very enjoyable. Not only will it bring a smile to the recipient, it will create a lasting holiday memory for the family.


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