Thursday, December 14

Twitterberry Transformed in to Openbeak

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This name change was done because when the artificial orangtame applications had been received by the BlackBerry App World. I’m not sure, how many current users TwitterBerry application, but one man named Adam from Crackberry forum said that the current application has changed its name to TwitterBerry OpenBeak

Previously most of us know that TwitterBerry application is an application that was released by RIM specifically for the needs of the service access Twitter from your BlackBerry device, but it’s not, because this is not the RIM application released. This name change follows because the application has been received by the service is now the BlackBerry App World. This application called TwitterBerry, widely used by BlackBerry users. But when the Twitter service started mushrooming, a similar service applications for BlackBerry devices began to appear and one of them is UberTwitter.

To use OpenBeak, with minimal need BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or OpenBeak applications and is currently compatible with BlackBerry devices have the following:    

 * BlackBerry ® Bold 9700 smartphones     

* BlackBerry ® smartphone Storm2 ™     

* BlackBerry ® Tour ™ 9630 smartphone     

* BlackBerry ® Storm ™ Series    

 * BlackBerry ® Bold ™ Series     

* BlackBerry ® Curve ™ 8900 smartphone    

 * BlackBerry ® Curve ™ Series (8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i, 8520)     

* BlackBerry ® 8800 Series    

 * The BlackBerry ® Pearl ™ Series (8100, 8110, 8120, 8130)    

 * BlackBerry ® Pearl ™ Flip Series (8220, 8230)    

 * BlackBerry ® 8700 series    

 *BlackBerry ® 7130 Series

 * BlackBerry ® 7100 Series    

 * BlackBerry ® 7200 Series    

 * BlackBerry ® 7520 smartphone

Whereas existing features on OpenBeak are: * Search function on Twitter * New Setup Wizard * Option to show other people Twiting * Notification icons will be lost if the exit from the application OpenBreak

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