10 Ways to Show Her You Love Her This Valentine’s Day

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Cards, candy, and flowers are usually given and received for Valentine’s Day. But because they’re so common, they aren’t much of a surprise. Although appreciated, the recipient may already be expecting it.

Here are some ideas of how you can show her you love her on this special day.

1. Singing Telegram-Not everyone was blessed with a nice singing voice. But if you’d like to profess your love through music, you can hire someone to sing to her for you. Singing telegrams are the perfect alternative for those that cannot carry a tune.

2. Balloons-Happy V-Day balloons are nice but filling her car up with balloons is even better. Purchase red, pink, and white balloons; after blowing them up put them in her car. She’ll be surprised at the originality.

3. Collage-If you really want to show her that you care and love her beyond measure, go through all the memorabilia from your relationship and make a collage. You can have pictures posted next to movie stubs, or saved greeting cards that you’ve kept over the years.

4. Cater-Going out to eat can be quite difficult on special holidays so instead of making reservations somewhere, order all of her favorite dishes from her favorite restaurants. Have them lined up buffet style so she’ll have many to chose from.

5. Surprise Valentine Lunch-Plan a surprise lunch at her place of business. Recruit her co-workers to decorate the office with flowers, candles, balloons, and food, then have her brought to the office (it should be separate from the communal work areas) and greet her as she comes through the door. She’ll be excited and will cherish the memory.

6. Ticket Book-Make a list of all of her favorite activities such as going to the salon, going to the ballet, etc., and write each one on a separate 3×5 (pink) index card. Bind them all together in the form of a book, then give it to her. She can redeem her tickets on Valentine’s Day or they can be used at a later date.

7. Video Tape-Make a short film of you professing your love to her. Label it “To My Special Valentine”.

8. Web Facts-If you have web space, design a page that is especially for her. Upload pictures of you as a couple and add funny facts about your relationships. Don’t forget to add flash and music for a special touch.

9. Music-Make a CD of all of her favorite songs. To make it more special, put songs on the CD that were popular when you first met, or have significance to your relationship.

10. Picture Album-Collect photos of you and her from birth until present day. Make an album of all pictures in order of age.

Love should be celebrated daily, not just on February 14th, so this year do something that is memorable. With a little imagination, a touch of creativity, and a splash of sincerity, you can create the best Valentine’s Day that she’s ever experienced.


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