Thursday, December 14

Party Fruit Punch

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Party Fruit Punch

This punch is great for serving at parties. It is a cool sweet drink and guests will love it. It is even packed wirth vitamin C because it contain real fruit juice. This is perfect to serve on a hot smmer day. It is a very rfreshing drink. It is easy to make and less time consuming than most home-made drinks. It makes a large punch bowl and can serve about twenty cups. It can store eaily in the fridge for a couple of days. It fits the budget well because it costa little to make.


One can of frozen lemonade concentrate

One can of frozen pineapple juice concentrate

One can of frozen orange juice concentrate

Five cups of water

1 (2 liter ) bottle of ginger ale


1. Mix all ingredients in a large punch bowl and mix well. Before serving ad ice.

Ginger ale is healthy for you and it helps aid in digestion.

Additions: If you like to add real fruit, add two cans of fruit cocktail. This will make the munch mor colorful. Kids will surley enjoy this punch. It is packed with vitamin C.

Substitution: Any flavor frozen juice may be substituted, like strawberry, lime, etc. Ice cream may even be added to this punch.


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