Thursday, December 14

Salmon And Saute'ed Potato Dish

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Salmon and Saute’ed Potato Dish

A quick and easy dish to prepare s salmon and potaoes. Tired of the same old meat and potato dishes, try Salmon and Saute’ed Potato Dish. This is a very nourishing meal packed with vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 fatty acid. It fits the budget fine because it costs so little to make. A real time saver and very delicious. Prep time fifteen minutes. Cook time 18 minutes.


One can of salmon

Four medium potatoes, finely diced

Three Tablespoons of butter

Four shallots, finely diced

One half teaspoon of salt

One half teaspoon of black pepper

Two Tablespoons of chopped parsley


1. Drain salmon and break into small pieces.

2. In a medium pan, saute’ potatoes, and butter for about fifteen minutes or until golden brown. Add shallots and saute’ for three more minutes. Stir in salt and pepper.

3. Just before serving add salmon and parsley and do not over stir. Place in a serving dish and enjoy!

This meal is perfect for lunch or dinner. It is very healthy for you as it contains high nutritional value. It takes less time to prepare than most dishes and it is perfect for the most hurried meal. It can be easily reheated in the microwave.


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