Pregnancy and prenatal care: common birth defects

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Birth defect is something that every mother want to prevent. It occur in 1 out of 33 babies. Birth defects occur because the pregnant women did not have a good prenatal care. Sometimes they are confused and they don’t follow what the doctor order. Birth defects are mostly caused by factors during the pregnancy and some of which can be prevented. Birth defects occur because the mother has infections, drinking, smoking, or drugs habit. If the mother take care not to do these things then the baby will less likely have a problem.

Birth defects can affect any part of the child’s body and the severity level is all different with each case. The most common child birth defect is the heart. 1 in every 200 babies has a heart defect. In some country heart defect make up about half of the defect. One serious defect that can cause death is spina bifida of the spine and brain or anencephaly. These are rare but they can cause death in children.

A common birth defect is also cleft lip and sometimes cleft palate. This is called orofacial. In other country cleft lips is accountable for 1in 700-1000 babies. Some birth defects are not life threatening but they may require surgery and it could be expensive. One of those is called hypospadias, this is where the opening of the uretha is not at the correct position but rather below it. Genetic play a big factor too. Down syndrome is cause by a genetic disorder. It is 1 in 800 children and often in older mothers. Birth defects occur because of the lack of prenatal care and pregnant women fail to follow good prenatal care advice or it could be genetics abnormalities. If you want to have a lesser chance of baby birth defects just get a good prenatal care session and follow all advice.



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