Get your complete list of peanut butter recalls for January and February by using the FDA Recall widget

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The peanut butter recall list is just getting so out of hand. How do you keep up with all the latest peanut butter recall, especially if you have kids? Being a concerned mother of three young babies I have been keeping track of the products being recalled by using the FDA Widget Browse Peanut Containing Recalls. What is the FDA Recall Widget? If you go to you will be able to click on the FDA Widget and search all peanut butter products that have been recalled since January. You may put this widget on your blog, website, send to family or friends, or just use it in your home. On the widget you have 16 categories where each category contains peanut butter, peanut paste, or peanuts being recalled. Some of the categories are Pet food recalls, Snack bar recalls, Topping product recalls, Snack mix recalls, Donut product recalls and so on. The process is very simple to follow. All you have to do is right click on copy. Then go to the website of choice where you would like to place this FDA peanut butter recall widget click on paste and voila you now have your peanut butter recall list.


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