Monday, December 18

A Way To Remember Your Google Adsense Sites – Mnemonic

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So you want to earn some extra money and you are now getting into Google Adsense. You have a list of possible sites to sign up with and jotted them down on a paper somewhere. It is time to get that list organized. It would be nice to have a system to remember those sites. Well, here is an acrostic to help you get organized as well as to let you know about other sites you may have missed.

G– Google Knol, Greendoc, Gladlist

O– Oondi, Orble

O– Oocuz

G– Gearthhacks

L –

E – Expotv

A – Askables, Articlecodex, Articletrader, Articlesrevenue, Articlewise, Articlemuse, 

D– Docstoc, Daytipper, Digitaljournal,, Delhispider

S – Squidoo, Shetoldme, Senserely Yours

E – EverythingMom

N – Namepros

S – Snipsly, Scoopt, Spotonce

E – Eurekster Swicki

This list is not an exhaustive list. I have given more than one option for some letters so you can have more choices. Of course no list of sites using Google Adsense would be complete without but there is no “W” in Google Adsense (sigh!). I  cannot say whether you can bank on each individual site but check them out (no pun intended). Most of these sites are well known in the internet community. If you join only one then it would not be “AdSense” but “Add cents.” To maximize your profits, research them and see which ones are the most profitable and reliable and which best suits your style. Stay tuned for another acrostic on “Revenue Sharing” featuring some different sites as well.


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