Health : signs and symptoms of strokes

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Stroke is a disorder that everyone must learn to prevent because its life threatening and can cause paralysis. If you think someone is having a stroke you need to call the paramedic right away and it can’t wait. There are about 700,000 of stroke each year in America. Stroke will occur easily if a person has too many factors that trigger stroke. A person can learn to prevent it because it’s preventable. Stroke is where a blood vessel in the brain would tear open and cause us to bleed inside of our head. A stroke can be a cut off of blood supply to the brain like a clog in the major arteries that is going to the brain.

When the bleeding starts we are risking our lives and there’s not much that the doctor can do to help us because of the timing issue. By the time the paramedic gets to your house, the stroke would already cause you damages. It’s the vessel rupture inside the brain that is the sensitive part. The arteries rupture occur inside of our head and not elsewhere. This is one of the most alarming diseases of all time and it’s common with the elderly and those who smoke drink or use recreational drugs.

Before a stroke start there will be several things that will lead up to it such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, drinking, heart disease, diabetes and atrial fibrillation. All of these factors contribute greatly to having a stroke. In order to lessen the chance of stroke you should try to treat some of these conditions. If you leave it untreated, it will cause you a stroke someday. It’s important to know about stroke, stay away from causative agents, and get to the doctor for regular checkups.



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