Sunday, December 17

Save Gas On Your Vacation This Summer

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Check your vehicle

The first thing you should do before you even get started on your trip is to be sure your vehicle is well maintained and running smoothly. Make sure your tires are in good condition and properly inflated for your car. I learned the hard way on a trip getting as flat tire because I did not spend the money to get a much needed tire ahead of time. Also if its time for your cars oil change be sure to do so and make sure you get a clean air filter.

Lighten your load

You don’t want to remove the doors from your car or anything as drastic as that but you want to remove unnecessary items. Extra weight in your car will cause it to use more gas. A little bit will make a difference on a long trip.

Drive the speed limit

I know we are all tempted to drive faster to reach our vacation destination but that extra speed will burn extra gas. When you drive your car above its optimum speed your engine has to work much harder and you will be wasting gas.

Cruise Control

If you car has a cruise control take advantage of it. Speeding up and slowing down all the time guzzles that gas quickly. If you are able to keep a constant speed on a long trip you will see a substantial savings. And you will have the added bonus of giving your legs a rest by not having to bear down on the pedals.

Travel at night or very early

If you can do so safely try to do the majority of your driving at night or very early morning. When you gas up at night you actually get more gas since you don’t lose some from evaporation. And since its cooler at night you can cut out the air conditioning which is a big drain on your gas tank. And some other perks for traveling at this time are less traffic and since your passengers are resting less stops.


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