Health issue: how you can get mrsa or antibiotic resistance staph bacteria

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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type of bacteria that is resistant to a type of antibiotic methicillin. This resistant is making it harder for the patient to heal faster and they will spread it around too. It will make it harder on the treatment since they will now have a longer healing time and needs meds to treat MRSA. MRSA is a very spreadable disease.

According to Wikipedia, you can easily get MRSA from a person who has it by touching their wound site or touch the things that they have touched. Things like the door handle, sink knob, doors, plates and many more. It’s a transmittable bacteria. It’s easy to be transmitted. You should avoid crowds because it’s easy to get bacteria transfer in a large crowds.

The staph bacteria is a normal bacteria on everyone’s skin but they can cause infections when you have an open wound, at surgery or pneumonia and in people with a weakened immune system. 25-30% of the population has this normal staph that doesn’t cause infection but 1% of the population has MRSA. You can also catch MRSA in the community if you didn’t get it at the hospital.

MRSA has been around for awhile and it’s very common on the hospital floor. If you walk down a hospital floor you will see at least 3 patients with the MRSA signs in front of their room to precaution heath care staff. The signs would tell staff to wear gloves, gowns and take more precautions. MRSA is something that will make the patient’s life harder. You have to be aware of this type of bacteria and not get it from others and this is common in a hospital environment.



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