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Introduction to Perth

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Introducing Western Australia


A city unlike any other in the world, housing a small business empire Perth city centre is the key to the city’s every expanding economic growth. The population of Perth stand at 1.65 million, only around 20% compared to the overcrowding centre of London.

Luxurious aromas surround you as you disembark the well maintained, clean railway station and a swarm of happy faces greet you.

Work here is relaxed , the city wakes early so by four business is slowing down so that families can get together to either enjoy one of the many cafe’s or sample the health juice bars , or head to the surrounding suburbs to meet friends and share drinks around the pool.

If however you want to experience more of the music and nightlife Perth has to offer, you could find yourself in a traditional, bring your own karaoke bars or at one of the city’s many nightclubs. If however you want something slightly more relaxing, just a short stroll and you will find yourself in the famous Kings Park. Here you can sample live bands, open air concerts, good food or simply just lie back with your own music soaking up the amazing skyline as it sinks beneath the breath taking sunset.

Perth has a fantastic freeway, making for a perfect base to explore the surrounding suburbs. Why not take a trip to the town of Freemantle and experience how Perth residents live the seaside life.

Deep sea fishing off the rocks that line the shore is a popular activity in Freemantle, but equally you could spend hours browsing the quaint fairy boutiques that put a sparkle into your day. If however you want to feel closer to home you can also find some amusement arcades and even some penny pushers!

If a quieter way of life is what you’re looking for, the Swan Valley could tick all the boxes. Enjoy a barbeque with friends by the Swan River using one of the well kept communal barbecues’s or take a trip deeper into the valley. The swan valley winery offers a glorious afternoon out; you can pursue the acres of vineyard before sampling the local specialities. However because it is further away from the coast the heat can sometime feel quite intense.

Hillary’s boat harbour is another one of Perth’s talking points, boats of every colour, shape and size line the crystal clear water. If you find yourself peckish whilst at Hillary’s then Jetty’s is the place to be. An all you can eat American style diner with quality food at good value. You can also stop at a range of ice cream parlours and sample any flavour you can think of that melts in your mouth.

If you look across off the west coast of Perth you will notice Rottnest Island.  A hugely popular destination for locals and tourists alike you could either spend between one day and a week exploring the island. Whilst on the short ferry ride to Rottnest Island you may be lucky to catch a glimpse of dolphins dancing happily between the waves.  On arriving on the pure white sandy island you can either travel by foot, bike or bus that stops at each one of the beautiful beaches.

Whatever you want to do in Perth, you will never want to leave. The standard of living is extremely high and the people are friendly, after all where else has a beach just for dogs?


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