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How to Learn Spanish Online For Free

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Browse the Internet

Take advantage of the internet. There are a lot of free great resources. Search online for free Spanish lessons. There are free podcasts, flashcards, and games. Be sure to visit the sites everyday. You need to be persistant when learning a new language and repetition is key.


      Livemocha is a great website. It is a free version similar to Rosetta Stone. It immerses you into the language by showing you the picture and having the word in the new language. It shows the word and pronounces it for you The website gives you different classes to register for, each class having a different level of fluency. Livemocha is on the top of the Spanish learning websites. But not only does it teach you Spanish, it offers several other languages. You can have live chats with other members and practice writing by creating post with practice sentences. 4.5 stars


      Coffeebreakspanish is a podcast hosted by two Scottish teachers. Each lesson last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and teaches different vocabulary and verb tenses.      



      Eliteskills and are also great  websites to check out.

      You can use and too! Youtube offers alot of links and gurus of Spanish. Just type in the youtube search box – ‘Spanish lessons’.  

Write Down Everything

Keep a Spanish journal and be sure to write down everything. All of the lessons you’re learning online will be in vain if you don’t take the time to jot it down. This also helps get you in the habit of writing in Spanish. This language has alot of accents on words that English doesn’t have. Remembering which words are written with accents can only be learned by seeing the word and copying it down. Also writing words helps keep them embedded longer in your memory.

Check Out the Library      

Go to the library check out Spanish lesson books or books written in Spanish. The library is a great free resource to get ahead in Spanish. Study the books and make sure you get a good understanding. It is important not to skip ahead. Spanish, and any language at that, needs a foundation. Once you learn the basics it is easy to pick up on the more difficult areas.

Another resource the library supplies is free movies! Rent movies in Spanish or just watch the ones you already have. Watch the movie in Spanish with English subtitles. On the other hand you can switch it up and just put the Spanish subs. over the English words. Either way you will get a look at how the Spanish language is structured. You will be surprised how Spanish and English are so similar and can be literally translated back and forth with each other and not loose meaning.  

Talk with Native Spanish Speakers  

Beginners should learn what is most important to know, to communicate. In your daily life recall phrases or words you use daily and translate them on sites like, or the Google Translator also Start saying the Spanish words and keep adding on with this process until it becomes second nature. Meet people who are trying to learn Spanish or are native speakers. These are people you can ask for advice or practice with.    The Power of Music     

Listen to Spanish music on radios, or the internet or download. Just listen at first to get used to how fast native speakers talk. Then after a good amount of listening look up the lyrics and translate. Learn the song and its meaning. This is a easier way to memorize words and sentence formation. Then you can tell people you know how to sing in Spanish. Also singing is great learning tool. Its is of course how you were introduced to learning the alphabet.     

Popular Spanish Artistas

  • Enrique Iglesias

  • Winsel y Yandel

  • Jennifer Lopez

* Virtual Radio

Spanish Mindset

Start thinking in Spanish. Your mind is very powerful and this is were the learning process begins. So not only do you need to say answers out loud but think them too as if its your first language. Make Spanish apart of yourself. Think of it as a new outlet to express yourself and become more aware of another culture. Don’t make learning this wonderful language a chore. In order to reach your goal it is essential to enjoy the journey. So immerse yourself in the language and in the culture.



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