Freelance career in a sluggish economy

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The economy is slow and companies are laying more and more people off. You can start to think of alternatives ways to meet your income needs. You can consider freelancing your career. There are tons of clients out there in need of your help. Just go online and advertise. The best part is to charge lower than most professional services and this is how you will win customers. People like a lower price. If a business offers $200 a month for the service you can try a $100 and people will call you. No matter how big a business is they will always want to cut cost.

Some other services that you can provide include teaching online for online University like Phoenix, Kaplan and many others. You do have to have a degree and experience though. People make a pretty decent income teaching. You can offer freelance tutoring service online or at home to students in difficult subject. A lot of parents look for tutoring for their children.

There is also some online website that offer you part time work like or you can search it for yourself and they just ask that you have some time available online per week to help out students. They do make you take a test and you have to pass it but it’s open book. You can only retest it after 90 days. This is a great job from your own home. You can also have a lot of fun helping students.

If you know to sing or play a musical instrument you can also offer lessons on your own time. You can put out advertisement and get clients. A lot of people want a coach to teach them how to sing or play the piano or the guitar. A lot of parent pays for piano lessons.

If you are a good dance teacher or gymnast you can put this to work too. You’ll be surprise but there are people who will want your service. People will use your service if they find it useful. I knew some people that do so well just being a freelancer or doing business on the side. You can give it a try and maybe that will be your next best thing. It take risk and courage to do business for yourself.


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