Beauty tips: how to take care of your skin

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Season is changing and it’s time to think about your skin. Skin changes according to the weather. Usually skin will have a better time in Winter because the cold is very soothing for your skin. You will damage in the winter. You don’t have to wear as much sunscreen.

Winter will requires less skin care than summer. In the winter you just need to keep away frost bites and wear moisturizer. Some SPF is good too because the environment will always have some bad effects on your skin. You may not see it but it’s there.

Good skin starts from the inside. You can take great care of your internal system and know that it will affect your outward changes. In order to have great skin you have to inspect your internal system and make changes. If you’ve problems inside chances are it’ll show up on your skin.

Do you that the liver is one of the most important organ to give you good skin. The liver is small but it does a thousand of things. The liver detoxify your body from all toxins and therefore getting rid of problems for you. If your liver won’t be able to do this then the toxin will show up on your skin.

This is why people have acne. If their liver is not working, all of the toxin will show up on their body and face. People with liver cirroshis have a green color like the hulk all over their body. I have seen before on a man waiting for a liver transplant because his old one is not working well.
Liver disease occur mostly from over drinking of alcohol. The green person that I have seen was a major drinker. Most people that drink too much will have liver disease later on. Sometimes the liver can get so bad that they can die or they will need a transplant but a transplant is not that easy of a thing.

Take good care of your internal organs and especially the liver then it’ll take good care of you. Eating right and exercising are the next best thing for your skin. There’s nothing more potent then the effect of exercising. No over the counter pill can give you the result of exercising. Exercising will reduce at least 10 years of your age. This is why athletes look very young.
They will also live another 10 years longer. You can do it too. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can give you the benefits of multivitamin and antioxidants. It’ll give you a youthful complexion and it also fights many diseases. Drinking plenty of water will hydrate your body and in turn your skin. Quit smoking and heavy drinking. These things will damage your skin. Wearing sunscreens and moisturizer will also help a lot.


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