Health and fertility: how to donate leftover frozen embryos

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Have you ever thought about donating your unused embryo for stem cells research? You are now able to do that in most state and one of those is California. Many couples who can’t have children would use in vitro fertilization to plants their embryo. If you ever have trouble conceiving you can try this method and it does work. Some couples will have a couple of leftover embryos and they want to donate it for research which is alright too. However, the process can take months and you have to be so motivated in order to do it. The red tape, and paper work will just make you want to throw it away.

Stem cells researchers can really use your donation. Different stem cells can be use for different division to grow whatever that they needed. They need all sorts of stem cells for a wide variety of study. They are in need of it desperately. Adult stem cells are already being studied and funded by the government. Adult stem cells have been shown to cure a lot of conditions. One good thing about adult stem cell is that there’s no potential for rejection whereas embryos have a potential for rejection because it’s not the patient’s own cells. The use of adult stem cells is more limited then embryos and therefore researchers are pushing for embryos stem cells research. In Britian, the government has already approved the use of stem cell research just in October, 2008. They’ve realized that it will save a lot of patients’ lives. American government should think the same way. Saving lives is very important.

When you have embryos leftover or you just want to donate for a good cause you can talk to the clinic about it and they will direct you to the department where you can donate it to. Beware that the paperwork will take a long time and finding a lab that would take your donation will take a long time too. You have to be very committed to do this.According to WebMD, UCSF has opened a tissue bank since 2005 for family that wish to donate. If you ever wanted to donate in

California you can contact this bank. You will be able to get involve with them and decide on the level of study that you will authorize with your stem cells. Level 1 authorize them to study the cells but doesn’t allow the creation of a stem cell line. Level 2 authorizes level 1 research and the creation of a stem cell line. Level 3 authorizes Levels 1 and 2 research and also allows tissue to be used for stem cell nuclear transfer, which is therapeutic cloning.

Therapeutic cloning takes the stem cells and grow it into a heart or brain tissue but never a human being. Frozens embryos will be really needed as research took off. If you’re interested you can contact the UCSF bank directly because most fertility clinic do not try to connect with these bank. Some other states do not have a direct connection with the tissue bank.
Consent is a big factor when donating stem cells. If it’s your own frozen embryo then you can donate it with no problem but if you use a donated egg you have to get consent from that party in order to donate. Most of the time you can’t because they’re anonymous. If the donor is compensated for the eggs they won’t accept it.



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