Monday, December 11

A Few Ways to Become a Better Father

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               Being a parent is the best thing that can happen to someone who is a responsible adult and who can support a family or a baby.           The father should take the initiative in order to live up to the mother’s expectations and to take a good grasp on his responsibilities.           For example, if the baby is crying or it’s hungry and the mother comes to pick the baby from your arms you should tell her ” can handle this” or “it is ok, i will do it” .    It is also ok to ask for advice or help if your partner is more experienced than you are.            

PRACTICE – Do you think mothers know everything? They don’t . Everything she knows bout raising and taking care of a baby comes from experience and practice. You don’t have to feel strange to ask for advices from the mother, babysitter or a medic.            

BE PROUD – Men and wemen have different ways to interact with children . Men put more effort in teaching the kids physical activities and wemen are teaching the child about socializing and the more delicate aspects of life.     Do not let any one tell you that games, jumping on beds or other outdoor activities are more important than what the mother is teaching the kids.     It has been scientifically proven that kids who where raised by their fathers are very physically active and much more popular than other children.      Parents must be partners and share responsibilities equally.                  

BE AVAILABLE – To be a good father you have to get involved in your child’s life. Leaving everything for the wife to do can cause you, the father, to lose some important parts in your child’s life like the first words, first steps and others. Without taking part in you child’s daily routine, you will never have the opportunity to create a special life-lasting bond that should exist between a father and his sun.                   

RESPECT THE MOTHER – To be a great father means to appreciate all the efforts the mother is doing to take care of the family and to respect the decisions she makes when she cannot consult you. The child observes it’s parents and it need an environment filled with love and respect in order to grow harmoniously.              

  COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT – If you are upset for some reason, you have to tell your partner. In case she doesn’t accept at the beginning to share responsibilities with you like feeding or taking care of the baby, do not give up! Prove her that you wan to take this seriously and that you want her to help you in the process.            

  LEGAL RIGHTS – Changes in the legislation gives fathers the opportunity to mix carrer and raising the baby.                 

  KEEP  CONTACT – even if you are separated or divorced, a child needs both his parent to get involved in his/her life. Less than 15% of the father get full custody or partial over the child after a divorce. But even after the divorce, there are many ways that fathers can keep on having an active role in the child’s life. The important part is to keep in touch through telephone, mail or even better, visits.  


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