Monday, December 18

Room Hotels in Bacolod With Wifi Internet Connection

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Why I am writing this article it is because I want to provide information to all business man, travelers, company workers who are looking for a  place to stay in the with internet connection in the hotel rooms.

If you are travelling to Bacolod City Philippines

You might wondering where to stay and what hotels in the city that has wifi connection.

In my case I would like to share my experience.

As a backpacker I travel around different places in the Philippines, I bring my laptop with me. I cannot afford to stay In the hotel with out Wifi internet connection. Because I have work online providing seo services to my clients.

So before I set my trip to bacolod city. I surf online which hotel has a wifi connection in their available rooms. Some hotels have wifi connection but only available in the lobby area and in the café they didnt give a detail whether internet connection available in the hotel rooms. So I keep digging for more information until I find the right hotel to stay.

I found the Bacolod pension Plaza near cuadra str. Bacolod City, it’s a 7 minutes walking distance from SM City Bacolod. I stayed in Bacolod Pension Plaze for 2 nights. The wifi in my room is kicking so I was able to my job over the internet in the comfort of my room.

In more weeks to come I will travel again and provide hotels in different places all over the Philippines and tell you exactly what hotel have wifi internet connection in their rooms.


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