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How to Make Your Own Windows Mobile Programs – Guide 7

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How to create a cab file in order to install it to your device Part 3 of 3

Basically we have done.. Our cab is ready.. All that we have to do right now is just right click on Hello and press Build

You will see the message Built succesful.. Then go to Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Hello\SmartDeviceCab1\Debug. The cab file is what we wanted. ( Note the directory maybe different if you have selected other names.. And there are 3 files. The cab is what we want. So if you want you can install it to your deveice and test it.  


1. This cab file you can rename it as you wish. 

2. If you want to test this cab at an emulator. Press debug and select your desired emulator.. When the emulator is open press file and configure as shown at the screenshot.

Select the folder that you have the cab file. And press ok.

Then if you go to your emulator at the storage card you will see the cab file ( if you understand,  the folder that you will configure will be then shown at the storage card . For example if i configure a folder with songs and then go to the emulator, the storage card will be full of songs).

Install if you want your application and you can see that it is ok..

(The screenshot is not the right one but i just wanted to show you that the application works )

You can also run it from the programm files.

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