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"pahela Baishakh"; Bengali Naboborsa; 14Th April

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14th April of Gregorian calendar is the 1st day pf Bengali year. This day is called “Pahela Baishakh” Bangla Naboborso. Baishakh is the first month of Bengali year calendar.

In history this day has some significance. The Mug Hal Emperor AKBAR introduced this day in a new fashion and make alignment with administrative works. The last month of the Bengali year is “Chaitra”. The people had to pay their land taxes by 30th chaitra. The rulers were used to collect this tax by forces. So the 1st Baishakh blows a wind of peace to the taxpayer. Besides, the shopkeepers and traders forced to clear their dues by 30th Chaitra. On 1st Baishakh they invited their clients and entertained them with sweets and fruits. They also open the new accounting book on this vary day. The tradition is still going on.

People of Bengali nation observe this with great enthusiasm. Bengali is the 4th largest language among the two thousand five hundred (2500) languages around the world. People of Bangladesh, some parts of India like West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and the migrated people around the world speak in Bangla. Around twenty five crore ( 250 million) pepole speak in this language. These people observe the ” Pahela Baishakh” with deep love and festive.

In Banglades the day is a national holiday. Various colorful rally, programs and functions are arranged on this day. Government takes special initiates to observe this day.  


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