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$$Supreme Runescape Money Making Guide$$

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These Runescape money making strategies work even if you already have starting cash, so read on! You can make over 100K per hour easily, even if you have no skills at all (but if you have a high woodcutting level it would help).

1) Arrow Shafts

If you’re a member you can begin making 100K+ per hour immediately. You need to have a level one fletching and a knife. Go and cut normal trees, keeping the knife in your inventory. I did this and in about three minutes I had a full load of trees and in another minute I made them into arrow shafts. So about 3-4 minutes will turn your logs into arrow shafts. The shafts sell for about 10-15 coins each, so 8100 arrow shafts is about 121.5K! Boring, maybe, but profitable. Once you get to 100K and want to continue your arrow shaft business, I would try to buy the logs at 10 gp each. You can hire log cutters at the free world banks and pay them 10 to 25 gp per log, so you can still make a good profit.

2) Logs

Another great way to earn cash with this Runescape money making guide is just to buy the logs and sell them to members for about 100 gp each (without fletching). If you’re a non-member player this is hard to do unless you check and read the member forums frequently. I would suggest getting about ten workers cutting you 100 logs every ten minutes or so. So that’s 1000 normal logs every ten minutes. You’re spending 10K-25K and selling for 100K. Nice 80-90K profits for about 10 minutes of doing almost nothing!

 3) Run Nature Runes

This is another member strategy that can earn you 180K+ per hour. You don’t need any skill and it takes close to three minutes per run. That makes 20 loads in an hour. Twenty loads of 27 nature runes equal 540 nature runes an hour, or about 189K. Check the Runescape forums to find people hiring runners. If you sold the nature runes for 400 each you could make 219K an hour. This is twice the price of yews and you can do it in half the time as a full load of yew logs. So yew logs are not a good way to make money.

Let’s see what other strategies this Runescape money making guide has now for free players.

4) Killing Chickens

This is a good strategy for free players. Kill chickens and gather the feathers. For low level players, it’s a great way to make money. For every chicken you kill, you can get 5-15 feathers which can sell for 10-15 gp each. So this equates to 50-250 gp for each chicken you kill. A good five hours of slaughtering our feathered friends can get you 10K feathers. Once you get to 10K, look in the member forums for a buyer. They should sell for about 100-150K.

5) Shearing Sheep

Similar to the chicken strategy above, you could shear sheep until you get 1000 balls of wool which can sell for high prices as long as you sell in bulk. Try to get at least 1000 wool before selling. This takes longer to do, so the chickens will get you more money per hour, so following this Runescape money making guide will be more profitable.

6) Chicken Feathers

Instead of killing chickens to get the feathers, you can buy the feathers from other players for 1-3 gp each. You can easily find buyers at that price. Buy them in bulk and once you get 10K feathers, sell them the same way I talked about above.

7) Mine Iron Ore / Lobsters

This is great for higher-level free players. Mine iron ore until you have 1000 of them. They sell for about 100 gp each, which is an easy 100K. You could also fish and then cook lobsters until you have 500 or so and sell them for 200 each which is 100K.

However you get there, once you get your first 100K you can really start making profits by using that money to make even more money.


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