Wednesday, December 13

Tekken 7 Make US Proud

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Tekken 7 Needs to Change


Keep it like Tekken 5 and 6. No need to oust characters. In fact, bringing back a favourite or two wouldn’t hurt either. In the case of Jun or Ogre, who while probably deader than dead, still have a purpose (as of yet unknown) probably would fit the bill as boss characters. Still make them playable and not entirely broken. The real final boss should be big, cheap and detestable.

Characters Creator

This would be a great idea as well. While many hardcore fans will probably hate the idea, there’s no denying that casuals love character creators. It might even be enough for some newcomers to give Tekken a try. Keep it like Soul Calibur IV’s, where you can create an entirely new character, or simply customize an existing one. Some items give you extra moves and combos, though these items may also take away a few moves. Imagine customizing Kazuya to look just like his “Devil” form, complete with a third eye that gives him a few laser attacks, but removes his Acute Pain, Ultimate Tackle, and Stone head attacks. A pair of wings that gives him some flying attacks but removes Oni Stomp and Demon Scissors. This method of character altering would allow the likes of Devil Kazuya to finally be fully playable without having to take up an extra character space.


Take Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign (without the behind-the-back camera) and incorporate it into the main game. The left stick (On PS pads) will make your character walk in any direction ala Virtua Fighter. The D-pad moves your characters like classic Tekken. It’s simple and intuitive without the need to ravamp the system or add a block button.  


Juggles have always been and always will be a part of Tekken, so trying to do away with them would be stupid. All I’m asking is for juggles to go back to the Tekken 4 style. Really, it was just the properties of many attacks that made really damaging juggles harder to do. Kazuya’s rising uppercut won’t launch, but a perfectly timed EWGF will. Heihachi’s uppercut won’t launch unless he charges it up, etc.


Make them interesting to look at and play in. Tekken 4’s settings were boring and Tekken 5’s were all squares. Make them big, multi-tiered, and interactive. Basically, just rip off Dead or Alive’s stages. Make it so you can kick a guy off the building and keep fighting in the streets. Jump over railings and kick your opponent in the face. Sure, these levels won’t work for Tourney players, but that’s why they should still keep a few “Square” and “Infinite” stages.

Tag Battle

The fact that we still don’t have a tag battle is inexcusable. Since Tekken 5 and 6 already feature most of the characters from the entire series, all that’s needed to complete the wishes for a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would be a simple Tag mode. If Dead or Alive can do it, Tekken can as well. If the Tekken Team is too lazy to get Tag to work in enclosed stages, then they could just relegate the Tag mode to only the “infinite” stages. Might as well throw in Unknown as a bonus boss, right?


Bamco, also don’t use the Tekken 5 models again for Tekken 7. They’re starting to look a little dated. Tekken has always been at the forefront of graphics in every generation except this one. If that means going exclusive with PS3, so be it. They could even make a 360 port somewhere later down the line with an extra mode/character or two to make up for the downgrade/wait.


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