Monday, December 18

Horn That is Known To Kill Baboons Will Be Allowed By Fifa at 2010 World Cup

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I began watching the U.S.A. and England World Cup game with enthusiasm. A smile stretched across my face with dreams of a U.S.A. win. I was engrossed in the game, focusing on all the plays between these two teams and yelling out support just as any fan would for their team. However, I begin to experience some type of metamorphosis both physically and mentally. The longer I watched the more I became irritated, but why? The U.S.A. was holding their own against the favored British. I noticed that my eager smile and crescent shaped-grinning eyes had transformed to scowl of sorts. Excuse me? What is the problem? Then, I realized what had evoked such a change in myself. This droning, loud, monotonous scream of something. It was never ending this sound, and apparently it was being deliberately produced by fans? The agony of that sound was beyond ignoring. I compare it to fingers down a chalk board, maybe even a new type of torture that the CIA could implement?

Reading the news across the web, I realized that I was not the only person who was severely distracted and punished by this horrific sound. Players, coaches and even other fans complained. Complaining and protesting! YES!!! Power in numbers.. that will work! Well, it should work. You see, in this climate of not offending any other person’s culture or heritage we have almost forgot about “the greater good”. Please do not take me wrong, I am from the south- a place where manners are gold. Where you never look a gift horse in the mouth, speak ill of an elder, always say “mam, sir, thank you, please, excuse me, and pardon”. And we most definitely, always never speak negatively of a host or hostess who has invited us into their home for some event. We are polite and respectfully accept what they offer. But, a host or hostess would never create an environment that is not pleasing for their guests either. And that is exactly what the South Africans are doing. I may enjoy a nice mint julep or serving of livermush but if I had guests from another culture I wouldn’t force it on them! Simply put, it is BAD MANNERS, and all of you anthropologists can say what you want to say (even philosophers) about who can say what is truly “good or bad manners”- but we are in fact in the twenty-first century and the South Africans are here with us. They are hosting this event and should want to make this a pleasant experience, not torture us all to death.

So what is this weapon of choice by the South Africans? The Vuvuzela, a horn constructed originally from wood and said by its sound alone to kill the vicious baboon. Well, I see some heritage and cultural connection for the people of South Africa, however they only started bringing this death horn with them to soccer games in the 1990’s.

Overall, the vuvuzela is South African heritage but it only recently has been added as a supplement to the viewing of soccer games. FIFA had a choice to make and in an effort to be completely politically correct they are supporting and allowing the use of these horns at the games. The South Africans should be gracious enough hosts to realize that their actions are not pleasing to the rest of the world that THEY invited into their country for the World Cup.


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