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Historical Theology: Principal Doctrinal Discussions Part 2 of 2

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Welcome to the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “Historical Theology: A Review of the Principal Doctrinal Discussions in the Christian Church Since the Apostolic Age” (2 Volume Set) by William Cunningham (Part 2)

CHAPTER XIV. – Scholastic Theology

CHAPTER XV. – The Canon Law

CHAPTER XVI. – Witnesses For The Truth During The Middle Ages. 1. Perpetuity and Visibility of the Church 2. Waldenses and Albigenses

CHAPTER XVII. – The Church At The Era Of The Reformation

CHAPTER XVIII. – The Council Of Trent

CHAPTER XIX. – The Doctrine Of The Fall 1. Popish and Protestant Views 2. Guilt of Adam’s First Sin 3. The Want of Original Righteousness 4. Corruption of Nature 5. Concupiscence 6. Sinfulness of Works before Regeneration 7. Sinfulness of Works after Regeneration

CHAPTER XX. – The Doctrine Of The Will 1. The Will before and after the Fall 2. The Bondage of the Will 3. Bondage of the Will – Objections 4. The Will in Regeneration 5. God’s Providence, and Man’s Sin

CHAPTER XXI. – Justification 1. Popish and Protestant Views 2. Nature of Justification 3. Imputation of Christ’s Righteousness 4. Justification by Faith alone 5. Office of Faith in Justifying 6. Objections to the Scriptural Doctrine 7. The Forgiveness of Post-baptismal Sins 8. The Merit of Good Works 9. Practical Tendency of the Popish Doctrine of Justification

CHAPTER XXII. – The Sacramental Principle 1. Sacramental Grace 2. Baptismal Regeneration 3. Popish View of the Lord’s Supper 4. Infant Baptism

CHAPTER XXIII. – The Socinian Controversy 1. Origin of Socinianism 2. Socinian Views as to Scripture 3. Socinian System of Theology 4. Original and Recent Socinianism 5. Distinction of Persons in the Godhead 6. Trinity and Unity 7. Evidence for the Divinity of Christ

CHAPTER XXIV. – Doctrine Of The Atonement 1. Connection between the Person and Work of Christ 2. Necessity of the Atonement 3. The Necessity and Nature of the Atonement 4. Objections to the Doctrine of Atonement 5. Scriptural Evidence for the Atonement 6. Socinian View of the Atonement 7. Arminian View of the Atonement 8. Extent of the Atonement 9. Evidence as to the Extent of the Atonement 10. Extent of Atonement and Gospel Offer 11. Extent of Atonement, and its Object 12. Extent of the Atonement, and Calvinistic Principles

CHAPTER XXV. – The Arminian Controversy 1. Arminius and the Anninians 2. Synod of Dort 3. The Five Points 4. Original Sin 5. Universal and Effectual Calling 6. Efficacious and Irresistible Grace 7. The Decrees of God 8. Predestination – State of the Question 9. Predestination, and the Doctrine of the Fall 10. Predestination, and the Omniscience of God 11. Predestination, and the Sovereignty of God 12. Scripture Evidence for Predestination 13. Objections against Predestination 14. Perseverance of Saints 15. Socinianism – Arminianism – Calvinism

CHAPTER XXVI. – Church Government 1. Presbyterianism 2. Testimony of the Reformers as to Presbyterianism 3. Popular Election of Office-bearers 4. Congregationalism, or Independency

CHAPTER XXVII. – The Erastian Controversy 1. The Civil Magistrate and Religion 2. Erastus and the Erastians 3. Erastianism during the Seventeenth Century The Free Church of Scotland Index

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