Monday, December 11

Can Women Make a Difference?

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Whenever men throw their hands up women enter the fray. Women with their grace use tact in getting things done wherever men give up after their trials. Women make a difference.

Women have proved to the world that they are strong both physically and mentally.

Women have broken the myth and do not like being referred to as the weaker sex. Women have been successful in handling stress more aptly. Being a mother to her children is a whopping responsibility. She has to wake up early and ensure that her children are served breakfast and possibly cook a meal for all of them. She needs to take care of her husband as a good spouse and keep the home front spic and span. Women generally have more patience and handle difficult situations with relative ease. Women make a difference.

Women are found to excel in their professions and giving men a run for their money. Some of the key personnel in the industry today are women and in many instances they have replaced men. We really cannot think of men playing the role of nurses which is dominated by women. Another area where women are very strong is education in schools where men hardly have a presence. Gymnastics to swimming and military to space shuttles women have made a huge difference.

In politics and administration women have played a significant role and keep doing so. In scientific research and medicine women have been making a difference. Music and dance is incomplete without women. Respect women not as the weaker sex but for all the difference they keep making in our lives.


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