Travel and health : how to stay away from counterfeit medication

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According to the CDC, counterfeit medications are common in a foreign country and this will create a hazard to a traveler’s health. Knowledge of counterfeit medication are useful so that you don’t get into health problem. When people travel to another foreign country they will often encounter illness problems and they will attempt to buy drug themselves.

This is a dangerous practice because you can encounter counterfeit drugs. The laws in a foreign country is not as strict as in the US and there will be less inspections and cancellation of counterfeit drugs. Some counterfeit drugs are not effective and have incorrect dosages or incorrect ingredients and that could cause a you health problems.

People travel often and they have to learn how to buy safer medication or better yet don’t buy at all in a foreign country. You can avoid buying if you bring along all the medication that you’ll be using. It’s recommended that you bring as much as you can to last your trip so that you won’t be running for asthma medication when you have an attack and find out that they don’t have it. Most foreign country don’t have your particular medication and this is something that you can keep in mind.

There is 30-40% of counterfeit drugs sold in foreign country. People sometimes will buy them and they can be the unlucky ones. If they are lucky they won’t get a drug reaction when they do take it. They would sell counterfeit drugs for the purpose of money. This is the motive behind it. How do you identify counterfeit medications? Counterfeit medications often are label almost in the same way as the real one. Just like real perfume and fake ones. The fake ones carry the same name and box but the content smells like water. This is how you can tell if it’s fake.

You can use your senses to determine if it’s the same with the medication that you have always been taking. If you see something majorly different then don’t take it. You can often see misspelling of the medication. Counterfeit medications break easily and smell really strange. The color and size will be different from the authentic ones. The counterfeit ones would cost very little comparing to the real ones. Just use your judgment and don’t fall for the fake ones because you’re wasting your money and it could cause you your health.

How do you practice good buying habit overseas? You can carry all of your prescription paperwork so that you can look it up and match what you’re buying. You should only buy from a licensed pharmacy and keep a receipt with you. Talk with the pharmacist about the active ingredient and compare it with your old ones. Know the risk hazards when buying online. If the package and printing look old or bad then it could be counterfeit.



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