Beauty and health tips: how to alleviate varicose veins

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Varicose veins are veins at the legs that are protruding. Many elderly people get this. You can see the blue veins protruding from your legs. It’s really engorge in some people and it’s medium in some people. It all depends on your particular condition. It’s not a medical emergency and it can be fixed. You just need to decide on what you need to do in order to fix it. Sometimes you don’t really have to fix it.

People get varicose veins as they age and if they stand a lot on their jobs. If you stand every single day at your work then you are at great risk for varicose veins. The standing will make your blood pull into your legs and unable to travel back to your heart. Standing for a long time is not recommended. Sometimes you don’t a choice because of the nature of your work. If you ended up with heavy varicose vein then you can try to find another job that doesn’t requires standing up. If you can’t find another job then you can try to do several things with your present job to help relieve the veins. You can take several breaks and sit down. You can do legs exercises as you stand at work. Once in awhile you can pull up your calf and let it down. Just repeat this for several times and it’ll help you out a lot. Do leg exercises throughout the day at work to release your blood and allowing it to flow to other area.

The reason why you have veins protrusion is because the blood had clumped up to one area and it can’t go anywhere else because of gravity. Therefore, sitting down and lying down will help the blood to flow to another area. When you get home just try to lye down and relax and massage your calf upward so blood can flow upward and return back to your heart. When you sleep make sure you always sleep with two pillow at your legs so blood can flow back to your heart. If you do this every single night it would really helps to lower your veins problems.

You can try to do legs exercise every single day and it’ll really helps. Every day just try to run or do calf work out. You can see better result with these types of workout. Walking or running or anyexercise that has to do with the legs will really help. You can put cold compressed on the affected area to reduce swellings. You can take over the counter medicine like Tylenol or aspirin or Motrin to reduce your pain. You can also consult a doctor and they will you an evaluation as to what you need to do. They can prescribe you medication to better your condition.

They will also suggest surgery at the affected legs. The surgery will be local. They will just cut open the big veins and drain the fluid out. They will then sow it back together. You have so much veins in your legs that surgery won’t be a problem at all. Sometimes doctor would even cut a vein in your leg to patch it at the heart. You have plenty of veins in your legs. Surgery could be the option if you really want to just get rid of the problem. The risk of the surgery is not high at all since it’s local and not systemic. Wearing special medical hosiery would really help pull the blood up to the rest of the body. You can order these pantie hose at any drug store. They are very low in price.



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