Friday, December 15

Cover Letter For Resumes – I Have an Interview, Should I Continue to Send Out Resumes

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I’ve had been looking for a better way of putting a cover letter for resumes together.  I found that to make your cover letter stand out you really have to put some work into it and it will generate results for you.  I sent out about 15 resumes and got one job interview is that time.  What I was wondering was should I continue to send out my cover letter and resume or stop until I had an answer on that interview.  Here’s what I decided to do.

I felt that I had finally made enough improvement to my cover letter for resumes so I continued to send it out.  That and I figured that simply having an interview doesn’t signify that I have a job.  I didn’t want to lose out on other possible opportunities.  The worst would be me passing up other companies that might take me if this one didn’t.  At best I would just have to say I’ve already taken a position.  In this job market, I think would be hard accomplish but why not try.

My cover letter for resumes is simple but in well spoken professional language.  I was applying in the educational field, with just a little of experience.  What I found really useful to incorporate into my cover letter for resumes was the use of my cover letter generator.  I had trouble putting together a custom cover letter for every company.  To get out 25 letters in a few days it really helped me out.  It also used language that was common in the educational field.  I think that also presented me in a more professional manner.  Though I was limited in experience, it didn’t sound like it.

I’m glad I didn’t stop sending out my cover letter for resumes to potential employers.  It turns out I didn’t get the job I got the initial interview with and I would have felt like I had to start over if I wouldn’t have continued.  I finally got a job offer on the third appointment I went on.  It was a good thing also.  The job I took is closer to home than the first one.  It doesn’t pay more but I’ll save on the commute.

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