Most Favorite Foods From Around the World

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Most Favorite Foods From Around the World

By: nobert bermosa

Let’s find out what are the most favorite foods of people from around the world.



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One of the greatest prides of the Italians is their food. Large meals always consist of many courses. The most popular Italian dessert is zabaglione, wine-flavored custard.



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Alfajor, chocolate-coated, with delicious dulce de leche (or caramel) filling is one of Argentinean’s favorite food. Others include Filete Buffalo and Alfajor de chocolate. A favorite main course is parrillada, a mixed grill of steak and other cuts of beef.



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One of the most popular foods in Brazil is caruru, the oldest African dish in Brazil that dates back to the 1600s. It is a spicy stew made with smoked fish or shrimp, quiabo (okra), onions, dende (palm oil), and peppers. Another is Vatapa, a creamy dish served over rice, containing fish, shrimp, ground peanuts, coconut milk, dende, and bread. Another favorite dish is moqueca, a stew made with fish, shrimp, crab, or a mixture of seafood in a dende oil and coconut milk sauce.

Saudi Arabia


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One of Saudi Arabia’s most famous dishes is Al-Kabsa. Al-Kabsa is made of rice cooked with red or white meat or chicken in a pot. Another Saudi favorite is Jarish, a dish prepared by cooking wheat with Laban (sour milk) or milk and adding spices to it.



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Zongzi is the most popular food in China. It is glutinous rice wrapped up in reed leaves.

United States of America


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Hot dogs and apple pie are just some of Americas’ favorite foods. Other favorites include hamburger and pizza.



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Tacos are Mexicans’ favorite food Mexico is a country where tacos are very popular. Tacos are prepared with beef or chicken and corn tortillas.



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The two most favorite foods from the “land of the rising sun” are Sushi and Sashimi.



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Lechon is arguably one of the favorite specialty foods for Filipinos in and outside of the Philippines. Other favorites include adobo (chicken and pork) and halo-halo.



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The most popular and tasty dishes found in Indonesia are bakso and satay.



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Idlis are a South Indian speciality while Tandoori and Makhani are North Indian specialties. South Indians eat mainly rice & North Indians eat rotis. Idli is known as the famous dish in south India but the famous dish in India could be roti, a dish with butter chicken and spices.



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Satay is the most popular dish of Malaysia. Nasi Lemak is a rice dish cooked in coconut milk. It is served with ikan bilis (anchovies), sambal, boiled egg, fried peanuts and cucumber slices. This is also a popular breakfast dish. Roti Canai is the all-time breakfast favorite of Malaysians.



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Blinis is an exclusive Russian original tasty recipe, often served as the ideal accompaniment to Caviar. Another Russian favorite is shashliki, the most popular dish when you get out of town. It is prepared from chicken or any other meat.



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Sausage, cabbage and potato would come close, not taking into consideration cakes and other dessert foods, of which there are many.



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The most favorite dishes in Ireland include Irish Champ, Irish stew, Soda Bread and Irish Fries.



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The most popular foods in Canada are maple syrup and seafood.



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Barbunya Pilaki (Dry beans in olive oil and tomato sauce and Kapama (Lamb onions and cos lettuce) are the two most favorite foods of Turkish people.

New Zealand


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Pavlova is the national dessert of New Zealand, named for the famous Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova. This luscious dessert is well-named. It is rich without being overly heavy. A meringue crust is filled with whipped cream and topped with fruit, usually dominated by kiwifruit



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Two of the most traditional takeaway dishes are the meat pie and sausage roll. A popular breakfast food in Australia is Vegemite, a black, salty spread, a food regularly associated with Australia.

South Africa


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The most favorite foods of South Africans are Amasi (sour milk), biltong (a salty dried meat) and bobotie, a dish of Malay descent, is like meatloaf with raisins and with baked egg on top, and is often served with yellow rice, sambals, coconut, banana slices, and chutney.



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Boeuf bourguignon

Roast Chicken is cooked everywhere around the world from Asia and Africa to America but it is the most popular French dish. Roast chicken is traditionally served with potatoes and green beans. The most famous beef stew in France is Boeuf bourguignon, a traditional recipe from Burgundy. Mussel’s mariniere is a typical summer recipe very popular along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast.

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